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After you pick up the OnePlus Nord N100, you're going to want to pick up some accessories, including the best Nord N100 cases. There quite a few options to choose from, ranging from some classic choices to some more obscure cases that aren't for everyone. Then, once you've found the perfect case, you'll want to grab the best Nord N100 screen protectors to keep one of the best cheap Android phones free from any potential damage.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Nord N100 Render

The Clear Winner: Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Staff Pick

Spigen's Ultra Hybrid case is a no-brainer for those who want to show off the Nord N100 while keeping it safe from drops. The clear back lets the design shine through, and it all comes complete with a cutout for the fingerprint scanner. Meanwhile, the rugged TPU bumper provides all the impact resistance you'll need in the event of a drop.

$14 at Amazon
Anccer Slim Case Nord N100 Render

Slimmer than slim: Anccer Ultra-slim Case

A lot of cases are too big and bulky, but you don't necessarily want to run around without any case on your Nord N100. The Anccer Ultra-Slim Case combats that by measuring in at just 0.8mm thin, helping to keep a lightweight and protective profile.

$12 at Amazon
CoverON TPU Nord N100 Render

Basic and tacky: CoverON Clear TPU Case

When it comes to CoverON's Clear TPU Case for the Nord N100, you're getting just about as basic of a clear case as you can get. There's a tacky finish on the back and sides to improve grip, along with a microdot finish to prevent against yellowing.

Starhemei Soft Cover Nord N100 Render

Soft and comfortable: Starhemei Soft TPU Cover

Clear cases are cool and all, but having a pattern on the back of the clear case is even better and that's what you'll find with the Starhemei Soft TPU Cover. This case has reinforced corners for improved shock absorption, raised lips around the display and camera module, and features six different designs to choose from.

$7 at Amazon
Entaifeng Grippy Case Nord N100 Render

Extra grippy: Entaifeng Grippy Case

If you want to get a case for the Nord N100 but are concerned about it slipping out of your hands or off a desk, then you'll want to check out the Entaifeng Grippy Case. This slim and lightweight TPU case has a rubberized grip, and is easy to snap on or off. Plus, there's a three-month warranty included if something happens to your case.

$7 at Amazon
OnePlus Bumper Case Nord N100 Render

From the source: OnePlus Bumper Case

It should come as no surprise that OnePlus itself is offering a new case for its latest phone. This Bumper Case provides a lightweight design that is "built to last" and features a non-slip grip providing extra comfort while using the Nord N100.

$11 at Amazon
Banzoc Leather Cover Nord N100 Render

That premium feel: Banzoc Leather Cover

There's just something about leather cases that draw folks to them, and there is a great option for the Nord N100. The Banzoc Leather Cover comes in four different colors, and has a TPU bumper that provides the shock absorption you need, along with helping to keep the display free from scratches.

$16 at Amazon
Sucnakp Nord N100 Render

Surprisingly slim: Sucnakp Heavy Duty Case

A lot of heavy-duty cases are big and bulky while being a bit unwieldy, but that's not a problem with the Sucnakp Heavy Duty Case. There are ridges cut into the back and sides to provide a better grip, and the company offers a one-year warranty if you are unsatisfied.

$9 at Amazon
DDJ Wallet Nord N100 Render

New wallet time: DDJ Leather Wallet Case

If you are trying to get rid of your wallet and want to get a case to keep your phone, credit cards, and ID all together, then the DDJ Wallet Case is the way to go. The case includes three cutouts for your cards, along with a pocket for some cash and a magnetic flap to keep your phone closed when it's not being used.

$11 at Amazon
Aihual Glitter Cover Nord N100 Render

Glitters and sparkles: Aihual Glitter Bling Cover

There are a lot of case options out there for the Nord N100, but perhaps none of them are as vibrant as the Aihual Glitter Bling Cover. This case combines TPU and polycarbonate materials solid protection. Plus, Aihual includes a tempered glass screen protector, so you can keep almost every inch of your phone covered.

$11 at Amazon
Feitenn Military Bumper Nord N100 Render

Like a tank: Feitenn Military Bumper

There are protective cases, and then there's the Feitenn Military Bumper. This case requires you to use screws to install your phone inside of it, but that's for a good reason with the multiple layers of protection. There's a headphone jack dust plug, an aluminum back cover that rests atop a silicone inner layer, and an included tempered glass screen protector. This is likely the heaviest case you'll find, but it's also the most protective.

$27 at Amazon
Spigen Rugged Armor Nord N100 Render

The classic: Spigen Rugged Armor

Over the years, the Spigen Rugged Armor has become the de-facto option for many looking for a new case. The Rugged Armor is back with the Nord N100 and brings your favorite design cues and protection from a brand that you know and trust.

$25 at Amazon
Kwmobile Tpu Case Nord N100 Render

No slips allowed: Kwmobile TPU Silicone Case

The Kwmobile TPU Case is just a basic case that improves the grip of your phone. It's made from TPU and silicone to improve grip while offering a great deal of shock absorption if your phone does fall.

$9 at Amazon
Otterbox Commuter Lite Nord N100 Render

Two-piece construction: Otterbox Commuter Lite

When it comes to classic case makers, there's almost no brand more recognizable than Otterbox. The Commuter Lite is available for the Nord N100, with its two-piece construction and raised edges for screen protection.

$30 at Otterbox
QiongNi Shell Case Nord N100 Render

Use a ring: QiongNi Shell Case

What's the point of installing something like a PopSocket on your case when you can get the QiongNi Shell Case. There's a ring stand built right-into the back, which can rotate up to 360 degrees and can be used with magnetic car mounts.

$11 at Amazon

Find the best OnePlus Nord N100 cases for your needs

Those who are looking for a clear case with plenty of protection will already recognize the Spigen Ultra Hybrid. This has been a fan-favorite for years, as it provides the ability to show off the design of your phone, without needing to pop it in and out of a case. Plus, the TPU bumper lifts your screen off of any flat surfaces, while adding the shock absorption you want in a case.

If you don't care so much about showing off your new Nord N100 as you do keeping a low-profile, then the Anccer Ultra-Slim case is perfect. The case adds just 0.8mm of thickness to your new phone, while coming in three different colors, and still offers enough protection to keep your Nord N100 safe from any falls or short drops.

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