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Best Oculus Quest 2 SteamVR Games to Play with Oculus Link 2022

Half Life: Alyx on TV with Oculus Quest headset sitting below it
Half Life: Alyx on TV with Oculus Quest headset sitting below it (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

Once you know how to play SteamVR on the Oculus Quest and get your hands on an Oculus Link-compatible PC, you'll be ready to start buying gorgeous PC VR games that the Oculus Quest 2 can handle with its portable graphics. We'll be sure to cover Oculus Rift games in a separate list. In the meantime, these are the best Oculus Quest 2 SteamVR games that you can enjoy without having to buy a Valve Index.

Oculus + Steam = the best of both worlds

Oculus Rift games and SteamVR games both give you better graphics than the Quest 2 can offer, but generally speaking, the best Rift games are just like the best Oculus Quest 2 games: They're built specifically for VR, which tends to equate to interactive mechanics and shorter runtimes. You get the same with some SteamVR games, but this list focuses on more traditional video games that happen to be ported to VR, which means they're more likely to last you for more than a few hours.

You get the best of both worlds with Half-Life: Alyx, which combines a decently long campaign with a virtual world that's fully controllable with impressive motion controls. And while it looks more visually impressive on Valve's own VR headset, Alyx can be even more immersive on the Quest 2 since you can use Virtual Desktop to play it wirelessly and make City 17 fully untethered.

Simultaneously, SteamVR gives you VR-ified ports of popular PC titles like Skyrim that'll likely never hit Oculus's storefront for legal reasons, along with early-access titles like STRIDE that can be wishlisted on the Oculus Store but not bought until it's officially finalized. By buying one of the best Oculus Link Cable alternatives and getting the best Oculus Quest 2 SteamVR games on your headset, you'll get access to hundreds of hours of content that you'd otherwise have to play on a flat-screen.

Michael L Hicks
Michael L Hicks

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