Best Moto G Power (2022) cases Android Central 2022

Motorola's best phones last forever and offer a clean Android experience, but they tend to fall behind in the looks department. Revamp your phone with the best Moto G Power (2022) cases to embody your personal taste in fashion. The right case will add drop protection and functionality in addition to glamour.

Motorola Moto G Power 2022 Protective Case Reco

Sweet monochrome: Motorola Moto G Power (2022) Protective Case

Staff Pick

This first-party case from Motorola has it all; durability, lightness, and charm. Apart from black, you can also get it in five soothing shades that stand out in the best sense.

$17 at Amazon
Tsj Moto G Power 2022 Case Tempered Glass Reco

Comes with a phone grip: TSJ Moto G Power 2022 Case with Tempered Glass

TSJ thought of everything while making this case, generously throwing in a tempered glass cover, too. There's a phone grip built into the back that doubles as a kickstand. You can have your pick from five color options but we feel the yellow accents look the best.

Anloes Moto G Power 2022 Case Reco

Chonky boi: Anloes Moto G Power 2022 Case 3 in 1 Rugged Defender

If you don't mind its bulk, this pretty number from Anloes is a superb choice. Your Moto G Power (2022) will be safe from all sorts of elemental forces in this rugged case.

$17 at Amazon
Moto G Power 2022 Caseology Parallax Reco

Something premium: Caseology Parallax

Name brands like Caseology put out high-quality products that you can rely on. The Parallax series of cases is a fan favorite and manages to look stunning despite coming in a standard matte black option.

$16 at Amazon
Osophter Moto G Power 2022 Case Screen Protector Reco

Sneak a peek: Osophter Moto G Power 2022 Case Clear

Already in love with your Moto G Power (2022)'s aesthetic? Get this transparent case with reinforced corners to prevent damage from bumps and falls. As a bonus, Osophter ships it with two screen protectors.

$9 at Amazon
Degdfsgr Moto G Power 2022 Soft Cover Reco

Makeover on budget: DEGDFSGR

Those of you searching for jazzier patterns can stop looking here. Snag any one of these 14 designs for a stunningly cheap bargain. From blue and gold swirls to beach portraits, there's a lot to choose from.

$4 at Amazon
Bwy Moto G Power 2022 Case Military Grade Reco

Built like a tank: BWY Moto G Power 2022 Case Military Grade

Roughhouse it with this heavy-duty case for your Motorola phone. It prioritizes safety above all else and comes with extra features like a stand and screen protector.

$18 at Amazon
Sucnakp Moto G Power 2022 Case Heavy Duty Reco

Hardcore with panache: Sucnakp Moto G Power 2022 Case Heavy Duty

Ditch chunky military-grade covers and go for this stylish case from Sucnakp. It may not look like it, but this case offers hardcore drop protection for your Moto G Power.

$9 at Amazon
Bniut Moto G Power 2022 Case Textured Back Reco

Bye-bye butter fingers: BNIUT Moto G Power 2022 Case Textured Back

Prevent your Moto G Power from slipping out of your hand with this case from BNIUT. It has a textured back that creates friction, helping you firmly grip your phone. Despite that, it's also bolstered to withstand shocks and falls.

$15 at Amazon

Deck out your Moto with the right case

You've got a nice assortment of Moto G Power (2022) cases to choose from in this roundup. We've gone through everything out there and these are your best options. Make sure your choice isn't just easy on the eyes, but that it also provides the protection you need.

Overall, our top pick is the propriety Motorola cover for the Moto G Power (2022). It comes in some unique shades like the jade green option called Emerald and a sweet melon tone called Coral. Beyond its good looks, other plus points of the Motorola case include its durability and lightweight nature.

If the plain, single-color design across the entire cover bores you, you could choose something with a mix of textures. Caseology Parallax and BNIUT are both good options in that area. Alternatively, you could spice things up and get a contrasting phone grip from PopSocket. That'll spruce up the monochrome Motorola case and add an extra layer of defense for your Moto G Power (2022).

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