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Best microSD Cards for Galaxy S9 for 2022

MicroSD cards can be essential if you need to add more space to your Samsung Galaxy S9. There are tens of thousands of microSD cards out there, and narrowing down the best of those is rather difficult. You could have a list of criteria that it needs to meet to be completely satisfied with this item. If you're looking for even more storage or maybe something in a smaller price range, we've picked out some great ones to fit everyone's priorities.

If you're still not sure

There are a lot of different functions necessary for a microSD card to work in your favour. Whether you need tons of storage or you just need more room for your 4K videos, there is a card for everything you could think of. The Samsung EVO 128 GB microSD card is the perfect fit for every single one of your needs, including the transfer of 4K videos. You can store all of your favourite photos and videos on there, and you can put them on your computer for safekeeping with the adapter.

You can save some money if you don't need quite as much storage by picking up the Samsung Evo 32 GB microSD card. It comes with a ten-year warranty for peace of mind, and you can store HD videos on it as well. Since microSD cards are rather important, there are different criteria that everyone may have based on the needs of each consumer. There are a lot of attributes that you may want in your microSD cards, so enjoy your new storage device from the best of this list.

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.