LG V40

LG's going for the extreme high end of the market with the V40, and unlike the G7 earlier this year it has the support of all major U.S. carriers to do it. The V40 starts at $900, which puts it at the absolute top of the range for most people, so carrier financing plans are going to be key to get this phone out the door.

Here's what you can expect to pay from each carrier and retailer out there, along with all of the current deals and incentives on offer to try and lighten the blow of that price tag.


LG didn't actually announce specific availability of its unlocked V40, but even so, both Best Buy and B&H is selling a carrier-free version of the phone that'll set you back $949.99.


AT&T is promoting its "Next" plan, which gets the monthly cost for the V40 down to $31.67 per month ... though that's spread over 30 months rather than the typical 24-month payment plan. The total price for the phone is $950 all-in.

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As for promotions that AT&T is running, here's what you can currently get:

  • Buy an LG V40 and get a free case or screen protector when you purchase both in the same transaction.
  • Buy one LG V40 on AT&T Next and get another one for free! (You'll need to add a new line of wireless service and be subscribed to DIRECTV in order to be eligible).
  • Receive a $350 credit when you buy an LG V40 and trade in your current phone.

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T-Mobile is the cheapest of the big four carriers, coming in at $920 if you buy the phone outright.

If you prefer to pay month-to-month, you'll pay $0 down and then $25.56/month for a total of 36 months. If you have average credit, that changes to $700 down and $9/month for 24 months.

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Sprint has the V40 listed for $960, or an even $40 per month over 24 months. The carrier is most likely to push you toward a lease deal, though, which it's advertising as $20 per month for 18 months ... though you're obligated to return the phone and upgrade at the end of the term.

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Verizon has the highest price tag on the V40, coming in at a smooth $980. That usually breaks down to $40.84 per month on a 24-month financing plan, but right now you can grab it for $32.49/month.

You can buy the Aurora Black color if you'd like, but remember that Verizon is the only place in the United States where you can buy the sleek Moroccan Blue variant that has an excellent soft-touch finish on its glass back.

Lastly, if you buy the V40 by November 2, you can get a $200 credit and a free 256GB microSD card with no trade-in required.

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US Cellular

US Cellular, as it usually does, comes in with the absolute cheapest offer for the V40: just $899.70, setting the benchmark for the phone's price.

If you don't want to pay that full price at once, you can also shell out $24.99/month over the course of 30 months with 0% interest and $0 down.

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LG V40


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