Best Kindle Paperwhite Case (1st - 9th gen) Android Central 2020

If you're like me, your Kindle Paperwhite is practically attached to your hand. Your personal library is on one of these little babies, and they need some extra protection. Of course, protection doesn't mean a lack of style or versatility. Want a thin, rugged, leather, or artistic case? There's an option available for every budget and style wish. Here are some of the best choices for your Kindle Paperwhite.

Vertical flip: MoKo Premium Vertical Flip Cover

Staff Pick

The MoKo case is padded to shelter your Kindle from scratches and safeguard it against damage from drops. The interior is microfiber that's soft to the touch, making it easier to hold your Kindle Paperwhite for long periods. This case has the added benefit of turning into an adjustable vertical stand that lets you read hands-free. The auto wake/sleep feature wakes your Kindle from sleep mode when you open the case and puts it back into sleep mode when you shut the lid. This is the most versatile pick on our list, and a perfect choice if you prefer to read hands-free.

$16 at Amazon

Cost friendly: OMOTON Thin PU Smart Cover

I've traveled with the OMOTON case for three years, and it hasn't a scratch on the inside or out. The case is ultra-thin and stiff-backed, so it feels like a book in your hands and is sturdy enough to withstand the drops and dings of everyday life. The OMOTON case comes in six colors and styles. It has a built-in sleep/wake function and magnetic closures that keep the lid shut, even during travel. For the money, it's hard to beat this basic Kindle Paperwhite case.

$7 at Amazon

Enthusiastic reader: KleverCase Book Cover Style

For literary enthusiasts, the handmade KleverCase book-themed cases are a delightful way to shield your e-reader from damage while adding a bit of style. The foldback cover design has a hidden magnetic closure that keeps the cover open while you read and cinched closed when not in use. Made in England using traditional bookbinding techniques, this is a gorgeous case that'll blend into your bookshelf and thrill any reader.

$30 at Amazon

Leather lover: Amazon Genuine Leather Case

If money is no object and you prefer all-natural materials, you'll want the Amazon Genuine Leather Case. The exterior is 100% genuine leather, and it's sharp as can be while also remaining light and thin. This leather case feels like a real book, has auto sleep/wake, and comes with magnetic closures. It's a little pricey, but it makes a perfect gift for any refined reader who enjoys the good things in life.

$40 at Amazon

Rugged and waterproof: Temdan Transparent Rugged Case

When you need heavy-duty protection, the Temdan case tops our list of favorites. It's waterproof, snow-proof, and shockproof. You'll also get a built-in screen protector that puts an extra transparent layer of security over your Kindle's screen. The case from Temdan includes an adjustable table stand for hands-free viewing, too. This case is a little heavier than most, but when you need something tough and waterproof, there's nothing else like it.

$26 at Amazon

Brighten your world: Fintie Slimshell

Crafted from durable synthetic leather, the Fintie Slimshell adds superb coverage to your Kindle without adding weight or bulk. Your Kindle will wake when the cover opens and go to sleep when you close the lid. Magnetic clasps keep the cover closed, even when you're on the move. This thin, lightweight case comes in 27 fun colors and designs.

$13 at Amazon

For art lovers: Huasiru Painting Case

Get lost inside the storyline of a great book and a beautifully designed library with this original Kindle Paperwhite case from Huasiru. Case materials include tough-as-nails durable synthetic leather that keeps weight light and shields against scratches. The interior is soft and gentle against the hands, and this case has a magnetic clasp to keep the cover closed. There are 19 colors and designs to choose from when you go with Huasiru, but we love the old school look of library shelves.

$16 at Amazon

Complete with a pocket: Fintie Folio Case

It looks like a standard composition notebook but is a unique Kindle Paperwhite case. This Fintie case stands out from the crowd with its one-of-a-kind design. Made from synthetic leather, water and moisture are naturally repelled away from your e-reader. There's an interior pocket in this case for notes, IDs, or money. Handy! Not fond of the notebook look? No worries, because this case comes in six fun colors and styles.

$16 at Amazon

Lightweight and simple: Ayotu Smart Protective Cover

If you're looking for a super-thin and light case with a little character, the Ayotu cover is the best pick. It's lower on the price scale but still comes with some of the best features of pricier cases. You'll get auto sleep/wake, magnetic closures, and precise cutouts that give you easy access to the charging port and power button. There are 17 designs to pick from with Ayotu, and they all look great and shield your Kindle Paperwhite from harm.

$14 at Amazon

Final thoughts

A Kindle Paperwhite cover keeps your e-reader safe when traveling and protects the screen against damage from drops. Cases also allow for better ergonomics, leaving you feeling like you're reading an actual book. Our favorite is the MoKo Case. It has a built-in vertical stand for hands-free reading and ample cushioning to keep your Kindle Paperwhite safe.

If you're looking for a basic case that's sturdy as can be, choose the OMOTON Kindle Paperwhite Cover. I've traveled for years with this case, and it still looks brand new. It's durable, lightweight, has magnetic closures, and sleep/wake functions happen automatically when you open or close the lid. If you're a fan of the classics and like to make a statement, you can't go wrong with the Paperwhite case from KleverCase. It looks and feels like a real book while shielding your Kindle against damage.

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