Cyber Monday is finally upon us, and there’s never been a better time to save big on certification courses that can help you land a lucrative career in IT. Here are some of the best and most popular certification courses around, each of which is available for an additional 60% off when you enter the coupon code CMSAVE60 at checkout.

1. Complete Microsoft Azure Certification Prep Bundle 2019


MSRP: $387 | Sale Price: $29 | Price w/ code CMSAVE60: $12

This 23-hour bundle will help you earn some of the field’s most important certifications through training that focusses on server maintenance, networking, cloud security, and more.

2. The Complete Six Sigma Training & Certification Bundle


MSRP: $2300 | Sale Price: $59 | Price w/ code CMSAVE60: $24

With six courses and over 75 hours of training, this bundle will help you ace the exams for the famed Six Sigma certifications through training that uses real-world examples.

3. The Cisco CCNA & CCNP Routing & Switching Bundle


MSRP: $1495 | Sale Price: $29 | Price w/ code CMSAVE60: $12

Become a master of Cisco technologies and platforms with this routing and switching bundle that introduces you to both the fundamentals and more advanced elements of these go-to infrastructures.

Prices are subject to change.