The full immersion experience, where your physical world is replaced by the virtual one, has a lot to do with hearing things from all around you. Being able to hear from any direction is a big deal for you to know when to turn your head. If you can hear the real world too, it will just take away from the experience. The higher quality the headphones, the better the immersion is in the VR World. If you're looking for headphones to upgrade the PSVR experience we've found the perfect ones for you!

Our top pick

PlayStation Gold Wireless

These headphones support 7.1 surround sound, so you'll never miss a thing. They also have an internal noise-canceling microphone to make sure your friends can always clearly hear what you're saying when you play together. If you prefer a wired setup, these headphones rock a 3.5mm headphone jack, which means you do have the ability to plug them in physically.

$69 at Amazon

Runner up

COWIN E7 Wireless Headphones

These headphones will give you about 30 hours of battery before you need to recharge. The cushions on these headphones can twist around a full 90 degrees and feel like clouds when they're on your ears. Cowin promises the best quality by offering you noise-canceling in both the sound from your ears and the mic picking up your voice.

$60 at Amazon

Compact audio

VICSOME True Wireless Earbuds

These earbuds are perfect for most VR experiences. They come with a compact storage container that also serves as a charger to help you always keep the pieces together. These earbuds passively noise cancel to make sure you can get as immersed as possible.

$46 at Amazon

Go Pro

Bionic Mantis

Designed specifically for use in VR, these headphones look more like earbuds and deliver an awesome experience. They clip right onto your headset and then rest against your ears. This means you won't get the uncomfortable feeling of an earbud jammed into your ear canal or the discomfort of headphones digging into the top of your head.

$50 at Bionik

Smaller cords

Hussar Magicbuds

Hussar Magicbuds are another favorite when it comes to VR gaming. They have noise canceling abilities and about 9 hours of battery life before you'll need another charge. Since the cord wraps around the back of your neck, you'll never have to worry about it interfering with your game time. You'll also have more peace of mind knowing that, if there is an accident, they will remain safe on your neck instead of falling to the ground!

$20 at Amazon

Budget option

iJoy Premium

Give yourself more audio control without having to break your bank. Not only do you have the comfort of over-ear cups, but you can connect them through Bluetooth. There are seven different color options for you to choose from and over four hours of battery life! The package comes complete with a six-month warranty as well.

$17 at Amazon

Killer wireless headphones are going to be a big deal with PlayStation VR because it means there won't be another cable dangling from your body while you're trying to play. You don't want to deal with that problem when furiously moving around with PlayStation Move controllers in each hand. PlayStation Gold Wireless is my top pick for a number of reasons. Not only do the headphones improve the immersion of my VR experiences, but they also remain safely on my ears no matter how much I'm moving around. They were made with PlayStation gaming in mind, so you'll be able to use them in and out of your VR experiences.

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