Best Headphones for Oculus Go Android Central 2021

Change how great your experience in virtual reality is by upgrading with noise-cancellation and better sound. A good pair of headphones, like the Bose QC 35 II, can block out the sound of the world around you while providing the best audio experience you could imagine. If you're looking to give your games that extra boost, check out all the best options for headphones.

Our top pick: Bose QC 35 II

Bose has dual speakers and the best noise canceling options out there. You can get 20 hours of battery life on a full charge to keep playing in VR without any interruption. They come with a 3.5mm cable and Bluetooth options for you to choose your preference!

$350 at Amazon

Deep immersion: COWIN E7

The noise-canceling abilities of these headphones help shut out the world around you while the speakers pump out a perfectly tuned sound. There are 30 hours of battery life with the Cowin #7 and Bluetooth options to connect directly to your Oculus Go.

$60 at Amazon

Best comfort: Avantree

Avantree headphones are lightweight and comfortable with their over-the-ear style. Plug in the 3.5mm cable or opt into using Bluetooth and ditch the cords altogether. 20 hours of battery life means you'll get plenty of time to play on your Oculus Go before you need a charge.

$45 at Amazon

Multiuse ear buds: Symphonized NRG

The Symphonized NRG are noise-canceling earbuds that give the best sound with phenomenal bass. If you want to stream Oculus Go playtime online there is a microphone and volume control built into the cord. That also means these earbuds are perfect for using with your phone too!

$22 at Amazon

Waterproof and safe: Mpow Flame IPX7

The only cord that comes with the Mpow Flame IPX7 is the cord that connects your earbuds and wraps around the back of your neck. These earbuds are wireless and waterproof for your peace of mind with a built-in microphone, comfortable ear hooks, and seven-nine hours of battery life.

$22 at Amazon

Familiar and comfortable: SUPNEW Earbuds

SUPNEW earbuds are perfect for when you're on a budget and need a quick fix. This standard pair of earbuds won't disappoint you with the sound quality, even if there aren't any noise-canceling abilities. There is a standard 3.5mm cable to plug into your device with mic and volume controls built onto it!

$10 at Amazon

You want a pair of headphones that offer great sound and are comfortable to use. The Bose QC 35 II are extremely comfortable for extended uses with is over-the-ear design and soft padding. The phenomenal noise-canceling abilities make it easy to immersive yourself into your favorite game or streaming app and the volume-optimized EQ means you'll never want for anything when it comes to the perfect sound. To top it all off there is a dual-microphone system to make streaming easier and it gives you a reason to use these headphones with your phone! The limits are endless and they're worth every penny, I promise.

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