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With its sizeable 10.5-inch AMOLED display, included S Pen, and touch sensitivity, the Galaxy Tab S6 is an impressive tablet. As with any of the best Android tablets, it definitely isn't cheap, though. So, you're going to want to pick up a case to keep it from getting scratched or damaged. There are plenty of different styles and looks to choose from, so we rounded up the very best of the best to make the decision a little easier.

Tab S6 Dadanism Case Fit

Get a grip: Dadanism Case Fit

Staff pick

This PU leather covering features a pocket for the S Pen to prevent it from slipping off and getting lost. Additionally, you'll find a helpful strap on the backside, making it easier to hold the Tab S6 with one hand while you use it. Use the built-in stand to prop it up when watching shows or using your favorite apps.

$14 at Amazon
Tab S6 Fintie Keyboard Case

Clickity clack: Fintie Keyboard Case

If you think you'll frequently be typing on your Tab S6, you should pick up this awesome keyboard case. The case itself is made of PU leather and comes in a variety of colors. There's also a specific S Pen storage location, making it less likely for the S Pen to fall off when you're on the go.

Tab S6 Infiland Business Cover Case

The brief-case: Infiland Business Cover

Anyone that wants a professional-looking case should consider the Infiland Business Cover. It gives off the appearance of a workspace briefcase, has a slim pocket on the front for essential papers, and has a specific spot for the S Pen. The reliable stand makes it an excellent option for anyone who intends to use any drawing apps.

$14 at Amazon
Tab S6 Poetic Turtleskin Series Case

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Poetic TurtleSkin Series Case

Whether you're looking for a case for your child's tablet or simply want a protective case for your own, this TurtleSkin case will do the trick. It comes in four different colors and features a specific spot for the S Pen. The case itself is made of silicone and fits snuggly on your tablet for a protective fit.

$15 at Amazon
Tab S6 Poetic Lrker Pu Leather Wallet Case

Take it all with you: Lrker PU Leather Wallet Case

This wallet case not only has four credit card slots, but it also has two pockets in the front, making it easier for you to carry essential papers with you whether you're traveling, at home, or at work. The folio is made of PU leather and features magnets that keep the credit card pocket, and the main case cover closed unless you want them open.

$15 at Amazon
Tab S6 Ztotop Case

Simply perfect: ZtotopCase Ultra Slim Smart Case

This beautifully simple case protects without adding bulk to your Tab S6. The case is made of PU Leather and folds back into a stand. There's even a small covering that magnetically folds over the S Pen to keep it from accidentally falling off the tablet. Choose from a black, grey, blue, or pink design.

$19 at Amazon
Tab S6 Moko Case Fit

For the Artiste: MoKo Case Fit

If you intend on using the S Pen frequently, you should consider picking up this case. In addition to allowing you to store the stylus on the backside, it also provides an interior storage space. That way, you're less likely to lose it and can access the pen without turning your tablet over. The case provides ample protection and the stand props it up beautifully.

$18 at Amazon
Moko Case Fit Clear Grip

Barely there: MoKo Case Fit Clear Grip

If you're looking for a super small case that doesn't add a lot of bulk to your Tab S6, you should get the MoKo Clear Grip. It's transparent, allowing you to clearly see the backside of the tablet. There is a cut out for the S Pen, and it will protect your tablet from scratches and drops. We encourage you to purchase a sleeve or carrying bag if you choose this option.

$7 at Amazon
Tab S6 Moko Rugged Cover

Sleek protection: MoKo Rugged Cover

This slim case provides plenty of protection for your tablet while holding the S Pen a little more firmly than many other cases out there. It comes with its own built-in screen protector, which helps prevent scratches from damaging your display and doesn't mess with the touch sensitivity.

$15 at Amazon

These are the best Galaxy S6 Tab Cases

When you purchase a case for your Tab S6, you want to make sure that it's helpful enough to actually provide protection. You'll be looking for something stylish that can hold your S Pen firmly, provides extra convenience features and doesn't cost too much. Fortunately, there are a lot of options out there.

We highly recommend the Dadanism Case Fit since it holds your S Pen a little more securely than some other cases, looks stylish, and doesn't cost that much.

If you want something that makes work-life a little easier or simply allows you to surf the internet a little better, the Fintie Keyboard Case should be on your radar. It features a specific storage location for your S Pen, and comes in 10 different colors.

If you've picked up the Tab S6 specifically for the drawing capabilities, we highly recommend that you purchase the Moko Case Fit. Instead of only giving you the option to hold the S Pen on the backside, this case also provides a secure slot for it on the inside. The case is made of a durable, protective material and has a reliable kickstand.

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