Best Galaxy S10e Screen Protectors Android Central 2019

The best part about the Galaxy S10e — from a our screen-oriented standpoint — is that its screen is flat, so just about any quality screen protector should work like a dream. And unlike its counterparts, the S10e sticks with a traditional capacitive fingerprint sensor on the power button rather than an gimmicky new in-screen sensor, meaning that we don't have to worry as much about air gaps and incompatibilities. That gives the Galaxy S10e — and users like you — the advantage when shopping for screen protectors.

Tough as a lion: LK Tempered Glass (3-Pack)

Best value

This 3-pack of tempered glass screen protectors is perfect for the klutz in your life, because tempered glass gives your phone a higher degree of protection than regular plastic films, remove easily thanks to the laminated construction, and unlike single-packs, you won't have to wait weeks on replacements to ship out to you if and when your screen protector give its life in service of your S10e.

$9 at Amazon

Upgrade pick: Whitestone Dome Glass (2-Pack)

Top protection

Whitestone's Dome Glass screen protectors are quite expensive, but they're a bit of a marvel. If there are minor cracks in your phone's screen, these protectors can fill them in, and they're guaranteed to work with Samsung phones, since Whitestone is a part of the Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program.

$70 at Amazon

Impact protection: InvisibleShield Glass+

InvisibleShield makes some of the best film and tempered glass protectors on the market, and the Galaxy S10e is the only S10 model it offers tempered glass protectors for. The Glass+ is the more affordable of the two, with Ion Matrix impact protection that should help it escape drops without shattering.

$40 at ZAGG

Wet install: Skinomi TechSkin (2-Pack)

Skinomi's edge-to-edge screen protector films allow you to make adjustments while installing them due to the wet install method the films are applied with. This is great if you want some extra placement protection, just keep in mind that as a wet install protector, you'll want to leave the phone alone for a few hours to let it dry afterwards.

$8 at Amazon

Case-friendly: ArmorSuit MilitaryShield (2-Pack)

Like Skinomi, ArmorSuit uses a wet installation to help ensure the perfect placement and no bubbles. This flexible, self-healing US-made skin also features an oleophobic layer to help keep your fingerprints from smudging up the film too badly. A lifetime warranty also ensures that should you somehow mess up the two included, you won't be left unprotected.

$8 at Amazon

Gamer smooth: IQ Shield LiQuidSkin (2-Pack)

IQ Shield is another long-time name in protective films, and these smooth skins won't snag or smudge on you while swiping away at your favorite games, ensuring that your screen protector doesn't keep you from dominating the competition. Give these smart screen protectors a shot; you won't be disappointed.

$8 at Amazon

No problems here

The Galaxy S10 series as a whole is rather difficult to protect the screen on. Both the S10 and S10+ have in-display ultrasonic fingerprint sensors, surved screens, and hole-punch selfies cameras, all of which complicate screen protector designs and materials. The S10e has none of these problems, which means that we have more affordable and more diverse options to choose from here!

A screen protector is an excellent investment when it comes to protecting your new phone, since it covers the most important part. For reliable, inexpensive protection, I'd go with LK's tempered glass 3-pack, but it's hard to deny the appeal of Whitestone's Glass Dome and its unique UV-curing system.

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