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Best External Battery Packs for Google Pixel in 2022

The OG Google Pixel is well over two years old, which means your battery performance might be starting to wain. Maybe you've been daydreaming about upgrading to the Google Pixel 4, but you can also keep your phone going through the day with a battery pack. With the right power pack, you'll be able to keep all your devices charged, too!

Buy a battery pack you can rely on

If your original Pixel is still working fine and you see no reason to upgrade just yet that's just fine. But after years of use, your battery is going to start to wear down. That's why we always recommend getting a portable battery pack so that you've always got some backup power in your bag if you need it.

A solid pick is the Aukey 20,000mAh Portable Charger (opens in new tab). At this price, you get a battery pack that's designed to work with any device you own — including the Nintendo Switch — with plenty of capacity built into a thin and portable battery pack. It features a USB-C port for charging your Pixel, along with a Lightning port for Apple devices, and three USB-A ports.

If portability is a top priority for you, you'll love the sleek and thin PowerCore Lite (opens in new tab) from Anker. While it does not offer USB-C for output, you do get both USB-C and micro-USB for recharging the pack which is handy enough.

A battery pack is pretty useless if you don't have a cable. We'll recommend this nonda ZUS (opens in new tab) right-angle cable because it's perfect for charging in tight spaces, like cars and in-pocket charging. It's also pretty rugged with a nylon braiding and a design that puts less strain on the USB port connection.

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