The Galaxy S9 has just been announced and it will be released on March 16! We are still evaluating the phone and will add it to this list once it is available.

Best overall

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S9 will soon be available on Cricket, but until then, the Galaxy S8 is still the best Android phone the company sells. However, that shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

As we all know at this point, the Galaxy S8 is a darn good phone. Its Super AMOLED Infinity Display is downright gorgeous, the 12MP rear camera continues to take impressive photos/videos, and things like a 3.5mm headphone jack and fast wireless charging are always welcome touches.

Better yet, if you don't mind rocking last year's tech, you can get the Galaxy S8 on Cricket for just $349.99 when you transfer an existing number and activate it with a new line of service.

Bottom line: At this very moment, the Galaxy S8 is still the best phone you can get on Cricket Wireless.

One more thing: If you have to have the latest and greatest, the Galaxy S9 will be here before you know it.

Why the Galaxy S8 is the best

What is there to say about the Galaxy S8 that hasn't already been said? This remains as one of Samsung's most powerful and best-looking phones ever made, and that holds true even with the S9 right around the corner.

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The S9 will be on Cricket soon, but even when it arrives, the S8 will still offer an incredible user experience, beautiful display, and a heap of features for considerably less cash.

Best for less

Alcatel Idol 5

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There's no denying that the S8 is a fantastic purchase, but if you'd like to spend a couple of hundred dollars less while still getting a great user experience, Alcatel's Idol 5 is a great alternative.

For just $129.99 with a number transfer and activation, the Idol 5 comes equipped with a sturdy metal body, loud front-facing speakers, a surprisingly great 1080p LCD display, and even NFC for Google Pay. The camera isn't the fastest and there's a fair bit of pre-installed bloatware, but for a phone this cheap, the Idol 5 punches way above its asking price.

Bottom line: If you want a well-built smartphone that nails the basics, the Idol 5 is a top contender.

One more thing: Alcatel found itself in some hot water earlier this year, but the issue doesn't appear to be totally widespread.

Best for note-takers and doodlers

LG Stylo 3

Samsung's Galaxy Note series is often praised for offering large screens and added functionality with the S Pen, and while all of this is fine and dandy, it can also set you back a pretty penny. If you'd like to get about 80% of the Note experience while saving a ton of cash, that's where the LG Stylo 3 comes in.

The Stylo 3 has a big 5.7-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720, and the included stylus that's easily stored in the phone's body makes it easy to sketch, sign documents, and much more. Add this together with a fingerprint sensor, 3,200 mAh battery, and a striking Rose Gold color, and it's easy to see why this is such a steal at just $79.99.

Bottom line: The Stylo 3 offers a lot of the features that make Samsung's Note devices so great at a fraction of the cost.

One more thing: LG opted for a cheaper plastic back and single mono speaker, but these aren't uncommon at this price range.

Best if you already have a phone

Bring your own phone

If you aren't a fan of Cricket's phone offerings, that's not a problem. Because Cricket uses AT&T's network, bringing your own phone is as easy as buying a SIM card and popping it in your device.

You can get a SIM kit from Cricket for just $9.99, and as long as your phone is unlocked and supports GSM networks, you shouldn't have any issues whatsoever. In other words, you can sign up for one of Cricket's awesome plans while using the Google Pixel 2, LG V30, HTC U11, and countless other handsets.

Bottom line: For $9.99, you can bring virtually any phone to Cricket's network.

One more thing: Even if you don't already have a phone, you can buy a wide variety of unlocked ones if the above options don't tickle your fancy.

Updated March 2018: Added all of the best phones you can currently get on Cricket.

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