Best Clear Cases for the LG G5 Show off your LG G5 with a protective, clear case. {.intro}

The LG G5 is a beautiful phone that comes in four pretty colors. Why would you want to hide it in a big, bulky case when you can get decent protection in a clear case that lets you actually see your device? We've put together this list of the best clear cases for the LG G5.

Pleson LG G5 clear case


Pleson's clear case provides decent protection for your investment without sacrificing aesthetics.

The case itself has a clear, flexible back panel surrounded by a TPU bumper that wraps around the phone's edges for protection against drops. The bumper also forms a 1mm lip, so if you place your phone screen-down, it's protected from scratches.

The back panel also helps to repel water and grease which helps to prevent smudges and fingerprints from dirtying things up.

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Spigen Ultra Hybrid Air Cushion clear LG G5 case


Spigen's offering is called a hybrid, because it blends two types of plastic to give you a slim and transparent case that still provides protection from drops and scratches.

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The case is composed of a clear polycarbonate backing and a TPU bumper that wraps around the edges of your device. Every part of the case is transparent so the beauty of your LG G5 shines through.

Another awesome feature of this case is how tactile and grippy it is — not only does it feel nice to hold, it helps prevents the phone from sliding out of your hands.

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Ringke Fusion LG G5 crystal clear case


Ringke's Fusion case offers one unique feature — it's customizable. It comes with a kit to help you put a photo or image between your phone and the clear case..

Made from flexible TPU that's coated to ensure maximum clarity, the case will blend in with the phone while offering protection from damage due to drops and scratches.

The bumper is further enhanced, with Active Touch Technology for easy access to all buttons and ports on the phone.

Additionally, flexible edges on all corners protect the phone's casing from scratches, and dust caps help to keep dust and pocket lint out of the charging port and audio jack.

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EasyAcc LG G5 clear case


EasyAcc's clear case for the LG G5 protects your phone with two layers: the bumper that absorbs hits to help prevent damage when you drop your phone and a firm shell that protects from scrapes and scratches.

Reinforced with a special coating that remains soft yet durable and scratch resistant, this case, like all other clear cases, is designed to show off your LG G5.

Another important feature of this case is the grippy TPU material that lets you hold the phone in one hand without worrying about slippage.

Finally, the case comes with a lifetime warranty against scratches and other damage to the case, so if anything happens, it should be easy to get a replacement.

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Orlegol LG G5 case


The Orlegol transparent LG G5 case is made from soft TPU that is flexible yet strong.

Thin and lightweight, this case completely surrounds your phone and offers protection from all angles. Furthermore, it feels nice in the hands, and prevents the phone from slipping when you hold it.

The case also does not interfere with any of the phone's functionality. It is precisely cut to fit the LG G5, such that the buttons and ports remain easily accessible.

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Do you have a favorite clear case?

If you have a clear case that you adore that we didn't include, let us know in the comments!

Still haven't found the right case? Check out our breakdown of the best cases available for the LG G5.



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