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In your rush to find the perfect gift over the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend, don't forget about sprucing up the place where all these gifts will likely first appear β€” the Christmas tree! If you're a traditionalist who likes getting a real tree, you know what a pain it can be to get it set up in your home if you don't have the proper tree stand. Here are our top recommendations for the best Christmas tree stands, covers, and alternative options you can find during Cyber Monday week!

Best Christmas Tree Stands You Can Buy On Cyber Monday

Krinner Tree Genie

The best you can buy | Krinner Tree Genie Stand

This is the stand to buy if money isn't a concern. You simply place your tree between the supports and pump on the foot pedal to tighten the grasp of the stand. Avoid the pain on your knees and hands that other stands bring with their screws, and get to decorating quicker with the Krinner Tree Genie.

$95 at Amazon
National Holiday 5164 Tree Stand

A Christmas classic | National Holiday Steel Tree Stand

This Christmas tree stand is a classic for a reason β€”Β it just works. The four twist screens secure your tree to the base, while the playful red bowl keeps your tree hydrated during the dry, cold December days. Just looking at this one reminds me of my childhood!

$25 at Amazon
St Nicks Choice Swivel Tree Stand

Santa swivel | St. Nick's Choice Swivel Christmas Tree Stand

As much as I like the Krinner stand, this one may be even more practical. My mother-in-law has one of these, and it's got the benefit of the foot pedal faster like the Krinner, with the added perk that you can adjust the angle or pitch of your pine if you notice it listing one way or another. Super convenient.

$67 at Walmart
Tree Nest Family Stand

Stylish support | Tree Nest Family Christmas Tree Stand

If you like a more minimal or modernist look to your holiday decor, then you'll love this Tree Nest stand. It looks like something straight out of an Ikea catalog, and it's so stylish you won't want to cover it up with a tree skirt.

$80 at Amazon
Christmas Tree Box Cover

Hide that ugly stand | Christmas Tree Box Original Tree Stand Cover

On the other hand, if you have an average or drab looking stand that works, you can dress it up with this festive Christmas tree stand box. It looks like you're wrapping your tree stand in its own little present, covered with cute reindeer.

$40 at Walmart
Tree Nest

Nested away | Tree Nest Christmas Tree Stand Cover

If you like the stand cover idea but want something a bit simpler, then this tree collar cover might be a better way to go. It is available in red or white, which should perfectly complement your Christmas decor.

$40 at Amazon
Mini Wall Tree

Against the wall | Mini Christmas tree wall decoration

If you live in an apartment or dorm, or if you want to have that Christmas tree feeling in another room of your home, then something like this might fit the bill. This decoration hangs on the wall and up off the floor, so you don't even have to worry about fiddling with a fir this holiday.

$46 at Amazon
Half Pine Tree

Wallflower | Home Heritage Half Pine Christmas Tree

Speaking of wall hangings and tight spaces, this half Christmas tree with an included stand is a good compromise for those confined spaces. The included half stand provides just the little bit of support this portable pine needs to look great up against your wall.

From $105 at Amazon
Ourwarm Upside Down Tree

Upside down | OurWarm Upside Down Artificial Christmas Tree

Okay, now I'm just having a little fun with you here, but if 2020 has you feeling upside down, your Christmas tree can reflect that feeling. There's no reason to shop for the perfect stand to hold up your dysfunctional tree, as it comes equipped with a metal foldable stand in the box.

$73 at Amazon

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