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The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is a whole lot of tablet, but it's also one of the best Android tablets on the market, and it deserves to be protected as such. There are a lot of options out there, but we believe we've found the best Galaxy Tab A cases for the various sizes of the popular tablet so you don't have to dig through every option. Here are the best cases for your Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 Inch (2018 Edition)

SupCase Unicorn Beetle Tab A Cropped

Tough Tab: SupCase Unicorn Beetle Series

Staff Pick

The Unicorn Beetle series by SupCase aims to offer the ultimate protection for the 10.5-inch version of this tablet. You'll get a rigid case that can take some rough bumps, and the built-in kickstand is also helpful. Plus, it comes with a screen protector built right into the case so your display stays protected, too.

Bige Keyboard Case Tab A Cropped

Work Smarter: Bige Keyboard Case

Needing to do a bit of work on your Galaxy Tab A? Bige is one of the only companies making a keyboard case for the tablet. It has a dedicated row for function keys and numbers and will last you as long as 80 hours on a full charge.

$30 at Amazon
Zonefoker Tab A Folio Cropped

Full Folio: ZoneFoker Folio Cover

This folio case wraps around your Galaxy Tab A to give it a high degree of style. At the same time, its swivel mechanic lets you get any angle you want, and its automatic sleep and week functionality makes it easy to conserve power.

$8 at Amazon
Rantice Rugged Cast Tab A Cropped

Palm It: Rantice Heavy Duty Case

Working out in the field? If you need to free up one hand while you perform other tasks, this is the perfect case for you. The hand strap on the back lets you palm the tablet so the other can use apps or do some other activity.

$10 at Amazon
Infiland Business Folio Tab A Cropped

Casket Sharp: Infiland Business Cover

Go into meetings with style. Infiland's folio cover has a striking design, and also makes life easier with a built-in pen holder, automatic sleep and wake, and multiple angles to prop your tablet up.

$13 at Amazon
Fintie Slim Cover Tab A Cropped

Light Work: Fintie Slim Case

Fintie's Slim Case is all about shaving off excess fat to give you decent protection and utility. You won't have a problem finding space in your bag for your tablet with this one.

$10 at Amazon
Timecity Cover Tab A Cropped

Swivel & Swerve: Timecity Rotating Case

This case from Timecity not only rotates for your every need but has a few other tricks up its sleeve. These include a stylus holder, built-in kickstand, and even a shoulder strap so it's ready to go when you are.

$25 at Amazon
Otterbox Defender Tab A Cropped

Three layers of defense: OtterBox Defender Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S9

In addition to having the peace of mind of a reliable case, the Otterbox Defender for the Tab A offers much more. There are three layers of defense with a TPU inner shell, a polycarbonate outer shell, and a built-in screen protector. Plus, the Defender features port covers to prevent dirt or dust from getting into the various ports.

$18 at Amazon
Real Eagle Slim Keyboard Tab A Cropped

Detachable keyboard: REAL-EAGLE Slim Keyboard Case

While it's cool to have a keyboard case for the Tab A, having a removable keyboard can make life that much easier. The REAL-EAGLE Keyboard Case features a removable Bluetooth keyboard so you can set everything up the way you want. You can also take the keyboard out completely and just have the case itself to protect your device.

$34 at Amazon

These are the best cases for your Galaxy Tab A 10.5-inch tablet

Take your pick! Any of these cases would be great for your 10.5-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab A. Be sure to explore further color options as the selection is plentiful. We'd pick the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle due to its ruggedness and versatility to keep up with whatever comes your way.

However, if you want to get some work done, the Bige Keyboard Cover would be your best bet. This keyboard case not only is a perfect fit for the Galaxy Tab A, but the battery will last for a few weeks, and the keyboard itself detaches, providing you a solid folio cover.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1-Inch (2019 Edition)

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Galaxy Taba

Rugged protection: SupCase Unicorn Beetle Pro Series

Staff Pick

Get full-body, rugged protection with this sporty case that provides all-around protection, including the screen thanks to the included screen protector. The shock-absorbing design protects it against extreme shock or impact should you accidentally drop it.

Procase Galaxy Tab A

Prop it up: ProCase Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Case

Prop your tablet up when you want to watch videos or set the tablet on an angle on your desk to work or play games. The magnetic enclosure keeps the screen protected while the hardback design doesn't add much bulk to the slim tablet.

$13 at Amazon
Bmouo Galaxy Taba Case Kids

For the kids: BMOUO Kids Case

If you own one of these tablets for a young child, this case is a perfect option to ensure you protect the investment. It has a convenient built-in carry handle, comes in fun and vibrant colors, and provides peace-of-mind protection against bumps and drops.

$15 at Amazon
Infiland Galaxy Taba 101 Case

Ready for business: Infiland Multiple Angle Stand Cover

Made from premium synthetic leather that feels like jean material, this elegant case lets you prop the tablet up at different angles, depending on the task at hand. It's available in different color options and comes with a lifetime warranty.

$14 at Amazon
Otterbox Defender Series Case Galaxy Taba

Ultimate protection: Otterbox Defender Series

Get the ultimate in protection with this ultra-rugged case from the trusted and respected brand. It includes an inner shell, outer slipcover, built-in screen protection, and a shelf stand. All that not only protects the device from bumps, scratches, and drops but also dirt and dust.

Iblason Cosmo Galaxy Taba Case

Funky design: i-Blason Cosmo Case

Stand out among the pack with this funky-designed case that features a marble-like pattern on its wraparound TPU bumpers that absorb shocks. Plus, it comes with a screen protector, too.

These are the best cases for your Galaxy Tab A 10.1-inch (2019)

You can't go wrong with any of these cases for the 2019 edition 10.1 inch version of this popular tablet. Often, parents grab one for their kids, which means the BMOUO Kids Case is a no-brainer option to ensure that it can withstand the slippery hands of your toddlers and grade school little ones. Plus, they'll love the fun color options and the built-in handle that makes it easy to bring along with you.

Built-in kickstands are awesome, as they make it easy to watch videos on a plane or train, or browse the screen, whether you're reviewing a spreadsheet, reading an article, or playing a video game. And the multiple angles offered by the Infiland Multiple Angle Stand Cover makes it easy to adjust to your liking.

But the SupCase Unicorn Beetle Pro remains a great option that to the combination of rugged protection and sleek design. And the price is pretty decent, too.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 Inch (2019 Edition)

Timecity Galaxy Tab A 8inch Case

Everything you need: Timecity Case Holder

Staff Pick

Chances are if you have this ultra-portable tablet, you are bringing it with you to work or with the kids. This case has convenient hand and shoulder straps so you can sling it around your next or even over the car seat for backseat movies, along with three layers of protection, a 360-degree rotating stand, and even a pencil holder.

$22 at Amazon
Bingcok Galaxy Tab A Case

Totally kidproof: Bingcok Hybrid Cover with Kickstand

Safely hand the tablet over to your young child when it's protected inside this hybrid cover that consists of a polycarbonate hard shell and flexible silicone.

Bentoben Case Galaxy Taba

Shimmer and shine: BENTOBEN Case

It's all glitter and sparkles for this fun and fashion-forward case that will make a statement. Made of synthetic leather with a soft microfiber interior, it has a built-in kickstand as well.

$19 at Amazon
Procase Galaxy Taba 8 Case

All business: ProCase Slim Cover Trifold Stand Case

Get this business-friendly tri-fold folio case in basic black and enjoy the protection of the hard shell and the convenience of the built-in kickstand

From $12 at Amazon
Spigen Rugged Armor Galaxy Taba 8 Case

Trusted protection: Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Get trusted protection from a well-respected brand with this case that employs Air Cushion Technology to absorb shock. It's compatible only with the version with the S Pen.

$17 at Amazon

Protect your Galaxy Tab A 8 inch (2019 Edition)

Each of these cases is great but I like the versatility of the Time City Case Holder, which comes with a convenient strap for wearing it around your neck or over your shoulder, a hand strap for keeping it secure as you work or travel out, and about, and the pencil holder. It's as great for business use as it is for kids.

Speaking of kids, the Bingcok Hybrid Cover is a great option for young ones who will appreciate the fun colors, while parents and caregivers will love the rugged design that keeps the tablet protected.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.4 Inch (2020 Edition)

Fintie Shockproof Case Galaxy Taba

Ultimate protection: Fintie Shockproof Case

Staff Pick

Get ultimate protection without adding a ton of bulk to the tablet with this shockproof case that has a TPU skin, impact-resistant polycarbonate shell, and reptile-like hard shell back cover. It also has front screen protection to prevent scratches and cracks.

Kuroku Slim Trifold Case Galaxy Taba

Affordable luxury: KuRoKu Slim Trifold Case

This stylish trifold case looks far more expensive than it actually is. Made of PU leather with a soft microfiber interior, it offers sufficient protection, has a built-in kickstand, and looks really elegant.

$10 at Amazon
Bmouo Galaxy Taba 84 Case

Little ones rejoice: BMOUO Kids Case

Don't worry about your little ones mishandling the device during their screen time with this handy case that has a built-in handle, screen protector, kickstand, and ultra-rugged design that can withstand bumps and drops.

$14 at Amazon
Timecity Case Galaxy Tab A

On-the-go: Timecity Case

Confidently bring this case just about anywhere thanks to the clever adjustable hand strap, a shoulder strap that you can also sling over the car seat, a 360-degree rotating kickstand, and more. It's as great for using in the field at work as it is for road trips for the kids.

From $20 at Amazon
Moko Flexible Shell Galaxy Taba 84 Case

Fashion forward: Moko Flexible Shell

Floral designs stand the test of time - they're always trendy. And so is this fashion-forward case that features imagery of beautiful flowers on the front.

From $7 at Amazon
Fintie Folio Case Galaxy Taba

Play it safe: Fintie Folio Case

Go traditional with this basic but classy black folio case made of premium synthetic leather that has a fastener to keep it in place and a built-in kickstand.

$12 at Amazon

Protect your Galaxy Tab A 8.4 inch (2020 Edition) with a case

Fintie's Shockproof Case will protect this new tablet against bumps, scratches, and drops. It has a hard shell but doesn't add too much bulk.

But if you want to go with a more traditional design, the Fintie Folio Case is perfect for home, travel, or the office. The built-in kickstand will come in handy, and the synthetic leather makes it look much more expensive than it really is.

The Timecity Case is also a really handy option for ultimate protection and convenience when you want to carry it around without stuffing it in a bag or backpack or want to "mount" it in the car without needing a complicated seatback set-up.

Whether you already own a Galaxy Tab A in one of these sizes or you're considering buying it, comparing to similar models, it's important to ensure that it is protected with a case to maintain its like-new condition and to keep it going for years to come.

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