Best Cases for Nokia 3.1 Android Central 2021

Here's a fun story. If you go to the Nokia accessories page you'll see it seems to offer a good lineup of cases that include minimalist clear cases and Nokia-brand heavy-duty cases. The problem is none of those cases appear to be available to buy anywhere. It's weird and means that most Nokia phone owners will have to rely on third-party case makers to protect their Nokia 3.1. Among those third-party offerings, these are your best options.

TUDIA Merge Nokia 3.1 Render

Heavy duty protection: TUDIA Merge Series

Staff Pick

TUDIA's dual-layer case combines a shock-absorbing TPU sleeve with a rigid PC shell, while raised edges help to protect the screen and camera and clicky button covers preserve the feel of the phone. This reliable and rugged case comes in four colors.

Mulbess Wallet Nokia 3.1 Render

Cut down your pocket carry: Mulbess Flip Leather Wallet

A folio-style wallet case is a great option if you want to keep your phone protected and minimize pocket/purse contents. There's room for a couple of cards, a pocket for storing cash, and a magnetic closure to keep things closed. And you can prop up your phone when you want to go hands-free for a little bit, but need to watch the screen.

$14 at Amazon
Sucknakp Impact Case Nokia 3.1 Render

Sleek design: Sucknakp Impact Resistant Case

This is my favorite case style because it's a sleek one-piece case with nice carbon fiber accents at the top and bottom that help with grip. Available in five color options, this case is made from flexible TPU for easy installation and protection against drops.

$8 at Amazon
NALIA Clear Case Nokia 3 1 Render

Show off your phone: NALIA Clear Cover

NALIA offers one of the few clear cases available for the Nokia 3.1, which is important if you want protection that won't hide the Nokia behind bland bulk. The raised edges around the display and camera module provide protection for when you place your phone down and prevent those annoying micro-scratches.

$12 at Amazon
Ymhxcy Ring Case Nokia 3.1 Render

Put a ring on it: YmhxcY Rotating Ring Case

If you or someone you know is notorious for dropping and breaking phones, you should probably get this case. Not only is it designed to provide outstanding protection and grip, but the ring rotates 360 degrees and doubles as a kickstand for those times you want to catch up on Netflix. Plus, you have three colors to choose from and there's an HD screen protector included in the package.

$8 at Amazon
Nalia Rubber Bumper Nokia 3.1 Render

Minimalist shell: NALIA Gel Rugged Bumper

This is the case for those who want to protect their phone from scratches and scuffs but don't want to add bulk to their Nokia 3.1. This case is made of soft-touch, matte-finished polycarbonate that lets you simply snap on the case to the phone. And the case protrudes slightly over the edge of the display, to keep your display from touching surfaces and potentially leaving scratches behind.

$14 at Amazon
Telegaming Nokia 3.1 Case Render

Holster it up: Telegaming Hybrid Armor

This is the case for those who need a tank protecting their Nokia 3.1. In addition to being made from multiple layers of polycarbonate and TPU materials, Telegaming includes a tempered glass screen protector right in the packaging. There's even a belt clip holster for those who want to keep their pockets free.

$11 at Amazon
Simicoo Wallet Folio Nokia 3.1 Render

Slim and useful: Simicoo Slim Wallet Folio

Some wallet cases are big and bulky, which makes them unwieldy to use and annoying overall. That won't be a problem when it comes to the Simicoo Slim Wallet Folio, as this case adds minimal bulk. This is done with the single card slot that is found on the inner flap, while your phone is housed in a TPU bumper on the other side.

$10 at Amazon
MINITURTLE Clip Armor Nokia 3.1 Render

Turtle camo: MINITURTLE Clip Armor

The combination of silicone and polycarbonate materials make for a great one-two punch when it comes to keeping your phone safe from day-to-day life. The MINITURTLE Clip Armor not only offers multi-layered protection, but here's also a kickstand built into the back of the case, and the swivel clip lets you holster your phone on your belt, pocket, or even on your backpack.

$13 at Amazon

Get a case to protect your investment

The Nokia 3.1 doesn't get the love that it deserves, which is why it's so difficult to find a great case for this nifty little device. Thankfully, the TUDIA Merge is here to save the day by offering a great deal of protection with its dual-layered design, without adding too much bulk. With the TPU inner shell and polycarbonate outer shell, your Nokia 3.1 is sure to keep chugging for as long as you need it to.

For those who need to add a little bit of functionality to your smartphone, why not get a case that lets you get rid of your old wallet. The Mulbess Leather Wallet Case sports a magnetic clip to keep the front flap closed, to go along with the built-in TPU cover for some added protection. And with the combination of the two card slots and storage pocket, you can finally get rid of that old wallet that has become a catch-all.

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