Best cases for the Nextbit Robin

The Nextbit Robin isn't flashy in the same way a metal or glass phone is, but it is pretty to look at with its square edges, unique colors and porportions and rather thin design. That being said, you drop that sucker on its corner and it's bye bye birdie.

We've rounded up the best cases that you can buy today to keep your Robin safe and sound, so you can keep Tweeting.

Nextbit Bruises

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The first of three Nextbit cases is called "Bruises" because it's going to protect your Robin from falls and bumps and scratches and it'll take any other lumps that might befall your phone.

The Bruises case is made of flexible plastic with soft rubber bumpers on each end, so that, if you do drop it on an edge, you don't have a spider web for a screen. The front of the case is also raised so that you can safely lay your Robin face-down without worrying about damaging the screen.

It comes in Nextbit's trademark "Midnight" color, which perfectly matches the Midnight Robin. (Or stands in contrast to the Mint Robin.)

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Nextbit Bumps

While the Bruises case covers all of the Robin except the screen, the Bumps case takes a more minimalist approach, leaving the entire front of the phone exposed and allowing thinner bezels on the top and bottom. Bumps won't add any bulk to your Robin, but should protect it while adding a fashionable flair.

Bumps comes in four colors: Sunset, Midnight, Sky, and Fog. This case is made of perforated plastic, which gives it a neat sort-of-lattice look (the holes aren't enormous or anything; it's just a neat effect).

While Bumps will protect your phone from everyday wear and tear, it isn't a rugged case and shouldn't be treated as such. There are no corner bumpers, so while it is protected more than having nothing at all, you'll want to be wary of dropping it from on high.

That being said, if you want to go with the most fashionable case for your Robin, this is it, folks.

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Nextbit Scratches

This is as minimal as it gets for Nextbit cases; Scratches is billed as the company's ultra-thin number. It's translucent, so the color you picked for your Robin will shine through without getting scuffed up and marred. It's raised on the front to protect your screen if you decide to lay it face-down.

Ultra-thin means no real added bulk or weight, leaving your Robin feeling light as a feather. And this is also the least expensive case option from Nextbit, at $15.

This case is for you if you want something minimal that maintains the appearance of your Robin, while protecting it from light bumps and dings, scratches, and the odd low drop.

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Fosom DURA-T Ultra-slim Fit

Fosom DURA-T

Fosom's case is made of soft TPU with a matte finish, so your Robin is protected from bumps and dings and even unsightly fingerprints.

As the name would suggest, the DURA-T is ultra-thin and won't add any bulk or weight to your Robin; if you go with the clear one, you might just forget it's there.

There are three color options to choose from: clear, hot pink, and black, so you can still add a relatively personal touch to your Mint or Midnight Robin. The hot pink option is translucent, so it will look pretty dark on the Midnight Robin. If you just want a case to be a case, the black DURA-T is opaque and a straightforward option for the function-focused folks.

If you can't decide on a color, you might as well grab all three; they're under $10 each.

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Orzly FlexiCase

Orzly Flexicase

For purists who like to choose their phone color and want it to shine through always, but still want to protect, the Orzly FlexiCase has your name on it.

It's totally transparent and offers shock-absorbent protection in the form of soft silicone. It's a slim fit that forms snugly to your Robin, so there's no risk of slippage or that awkward loose feeling that ill-fitting cases can cause.

The front bezel is raised for your screen's protection and all the necessary buttons are left uncovered. The matte finish also gives your phone a non-slip texture, which is always handy with a phone which may shatter if dropped on its edge.

Grab the FlexiCase if you want a minimal, grippy, transparent case that'll feel great in your hand and allow the beauty of your Robin to spread its wings and fly (I can do this all day).

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Orzly Fusion

Orzly Fusion

The Fusion features a transparent hard plastic back with a soft rubber rim, which maintains the original look of your Nextbit Robin, while protecting its exposed edges and corners.

The outer rubber rim comes in three colors: black, grey, and mint green, so you can personalize your case a little bit. The mint green is darker than the Mint Robin, though it may make for an interesting contrast. The clear back also lets you see all of the LED cloud notifications that are so important to this phone.

This is one of the most durable cases in our roundup and can take some harder hits than, say, the Nextbit Scratches, so if you're roughin' it, pair this with a decent screen protector and you'll have all-around protection.

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What are you using?

Is there an awesome case that's missing from your round-up? Sound off in the comments below and let us know why you think it's the best!

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