Best Cases for LG V20

Update April 2017: These are still the best cases to get for your LG V20.

Life is full of unfortunate surprises, which is why you want to be prepared in case you drop your sparkling clean LG V20 onto the ground. Protect your new smartphone with one of these affordable insurance plans.

Otterbox Defender Series

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otterbox defender

Your smartphone use may not be harsh enough to warrant the double-duty protection offered by the Otterbox Defender Series. But like my second-grade teacher used to say: You're better off safe than sorry.

Since the V20 is positioned as the kind of smartphone you want to take with you to document a trip or a family reunion, you might as well consider this triple-layer, drop-proof case. The Defender Series features a built-in screen protector to keep the V20's display crystal clear, and there are port covers to block out dirt, dust, and lint from getting into the headphone jack and charging port. There's also a holster that doubles as a kickstand.

The Otterbox Defender for the LG V20 is only available in black.

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Incipio Dualpro

Incipio DualPro for LG V20

Whether you're looking for a plain black case or a bright pink one, Incipio is worth considering for its veteran case-making status. The DualPro Case for the V20 features an impact resistant plastic frame on top of a shock absorbing rubber sleeve. You can choose it in four colors, all of which will keep your shiny new smartphone protected while you're out making mobile movies.

The Incipio Dualpro is available in black, champagne, rose gold, and pink.

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Ringke Defensive Case

Ringke Defensive Case for LG V20

If the Otterbox is just too much protection for you, the considerably more affordable Ringke Defensive Case will do just fine. The case is made of durable plastic material and features a textured look that adds a bit of James Bond-style personality to the V20. That textured pattern helps provide a but of grip to the phone's chassis, too.

The Ringke Defensive Case is available in black, blue, and gray.

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Tridea Power Guard Leather Bumper

Tridea Power Guard bumper for LG V20

Class up your LG V20 with the Tridea leather case. Though it's not real leather, the inside is lined by a carbon fiber frame to help the V20 against impact. There's also a recessed card slot on the inside which works for attaching a metal plate for a magnetic mound or placing a transit card for tapping at the turnstiles.

The Tridea Power Guard Bumper is available in carbon black, too.

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Speck Presidio Grip

This is arguably one of the most popular Speck designs around, but that's also because it's one of the most reliable. The Presidio Grip features imperium shock barrier protection that's been drop tested at 10 feet. It's also available in several color combinations.

Although the Presidio Grip case has gotten slimmer over the years, this will add a bit of thickness to the V20. Regardless, it's better to be safe than sorry, and the tastefully protruding ridges of the Presidio Grip case will keep the V20 well protected.

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Caseology Parallax Series

If you're aching to add a bit more flair to your LG V20, the Caseology Parallax Series is cool and contemporary. It features a modern design on the back and comes in a variety of different color combinations, including a fresh burgundy and pink, or a preppy blue and gold.

The case also features dual layers: a shock-absorbent thermoplastic polyurethane on the inside and an impact-resistant polycarbonate on the outer frame. There are openings for all the necessary ports, including the USB Type-C charging port and the 3.5mm headphone jack.

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  • I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that's been in an OtterBox since 2012 with the exception of removal for occasional cleaning. The phone itself looks brand new after all these years.
  • I'm really bummed about the selection for cases. Was hoping spigen would have a few more options.
  • This is the problem/issue when you pick a phone that has a short "shelf life" or low popularity! Or a carrier exclusive. Even 6 months after buying the droid Turbo, could only get a VZW branded screen protector!
  • I find that hard to believe. Amazon is a great place for phone access for ANY device. Selection is there along with low prices for whatever you need.
  • I've been "thinking" about getting a new LG V20 but have been waiting for the new dust to settle on this phone. There is much to like but I'll let everyone else find out if it's bootloop prone. In the meantime, I always like to have a fresh new case when I pick up a phone so I don't accidentally scratch or drop it right after the purchase. Fortunately there is an OtterBox Defender case for this phone even if it does cost an outrageous $60.
  • This phone is absolutely amazing. They fixed everything from the v10 and made this line great again. And in the terms of a case.... Otter box does protect lol. Too bad it's an absolute monster of a case. Spigen is my choice usually.
  • Yes, the V10's issues were addressed. Seems the V20 is gaining in acceptance/popularity which would bode well for the V30. Only 50 more weeks to wait.
  • This phone is amazing, I've had it since Oct 20th and loving it. I ended up buying from Amazon for a case. I got Poetic Revolution case and the VRS clear case. The Revolution case is rugged and will protect the phone well.
  • The selection of cases for this phone that's been in reviewers hands for a month is sad. There's TONS of pixel cases for comparisons sake. I reached out to Rhinoshield and they aren't making a bumper for the v20 (sad face) On a side note, why no mention of the UAG case? I saw it on Amazon too.
  • I have the uag... I really like it. Would love to see a spigen with kickstand like what I used for note7. That was a great case too.
  • Well the phone was just officially in stores since last Friday. Give it time.
  • I love my spigen case
    Practically the same case that was on my s7edge
  • LG will take too long to come out with a wireless charging case most people will miss since turning in their Note 7 for this phone like me. Sticking with the S7 Edge for now.
  • I just cant stand how the s7 edge feels like a downgrade from the note 7.
  • That's funny, I didn't upgrade to the Note7 from my S7edge, because it was just an S7edge with a pen and .2" more screen, with less battery life. The Note series has traditionally had actual performance upgrades compared to the S series device(s) of the same year. Hopefully next year.
  • Man, I salute you. All of these morons paying MORE money for the exact same tech is laughable. The Note Line used to stand for innovation and new features. This was the lamest release yet and the most expensive, with ZERO performance enhancements. (Not even going into the battery thing)
  • I went to a T-Mobile store to check out the Note 7 soon after it first came out. I thought it was beautiful to look at but as for practicality, not so much. Because of those curved edges, my Note 2 actually looks bigger than the Note 7. The curved edges are simply a gimmick. I would not be surprised if the S7 Edge software is the exact same software as the Note 7.
  • I thought I wouldn't upgrade from the S7 Edge because of what you're saying. But after using the Note 7 for a few minutes at Best Buy at the time, I couldn't resist it. It wasn't that much of a logical decision as much as it was emotional. The Note7 just felt like the best quality, best ergonomic phone I've ever held. It's screen was noticeably nicer than the S7E despite similar tech. One of the reasons so many people got them was this set of almost intangible things that added up to an incredible package (today one might say explosive). Anyway, not arguing with you, just trying to explain some of the madness about it.
  • The note 7 felt like a downgrade to my Nexus 6p so much that I returned after a few days of use
  • Haha this guy
  • It's true though.
  • You're on that Nexus koolaid
  • What case is that on the heading picture... Looks nice and thin.
  • UAG Plasma is my favorite. I had the Incipio Dual Pro and found it to be way too slippery.
  • Did you pay $30 for that case? It looks great though.
  • The two I bought are not on the list. Fml lol.
  • Just to ask again, since Jpfeifer20 didn't get a reply.... That case in the header photo looks pretty slick to me, who makes that one?
  • It is a Suensan Premium from Amazon. It's thin, too slippery a and lets the camera bulge stick out unprotected. I hate it.
  • Where can I get a White V20, that's what's up! I like the silver and the aluminum is bad ass.
  • I got my at&t V20 Monday 28th and purchased a Bodyguardz case and screen protector there for a OMG price of like $50. But it came with a lifetime warranty and it's made with Kevlar and good glass on the front. I also ordered a Encased case with holster like I had on my V10, and also ordered a VRS case too. (both from Amazon). Plus another battery and charger with case as I use my phone constantly for work.
  • I like these cases. I finally got hands on with the V20 in a store and it's big big phone. I can imagine it getting bigger with the Otterbox which is my favorite.
  • Amazon Giveaways: V20 case
  • The incipio dual pro is a great case
  • I really like the Seidio Surface cases. They have a great feel in the hand, are protective enough and have a kickstand. They don't seem to be in stock on Amazon, but they are available along with a holster if you want that, at I'm waiting to get mine I think Wednesday and will report back on what I think. It was definitely my favorite case for the last few phones I've owned.
  • Hands down the best case I have found is the Nillkin Nature Series. Only cost $10. It took a few weeks to arrive from China when bought on Amazon, but is fantastic. Very minimalist case, and keeps the phone feeling the way LG designed it. It has textured sides for grip, and port covers that are actually useful and unobtrusive. If you like think cases this is the one to get for the V20.
  • UAG here. Great case. Much slimmer than other UAG's that I havs had. Highly recommended
  • I have the VRS Design High Pro Shield. It's a great case and has a kickstand.
  • Goat phone
  • Meh. The V20 is a beautiful phone with a military spec drop rating. I didn't want to cover it's beauty. I did feel I had to get some protection around the lens cover. I went for the leather back from It's real leather, smells beautiful and doesn't interfere with the screen protector.
  • Obliq flex pro.
  • The Tridea is nice, but the Pierre Cardin is real leather and much nicer. A little thicker and rises above the camera.
  • Ringke onyx
  • Spigen rugged armour case is my favorite one for the V20.