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The Essential Phone arrived with so much potential in 2017, and while it didn't end up making a lasting impact, it certainly was an early trendsetter for the things we've seen on smartphones since — shrinking bezels and screen notches. Since it's been officially discontinued from production, you're going to want to keep yours safe because you won't be able to replace it in your collection.

Your best bet: Incipio DualPro

Staff pick

The Incipio DuoPro is a case that offers dual-layer protection and is designed to keep your Essential phone well protected from scrapes and drop damage. The hardened outer shell features a soft-touch finish that feels great in your hand and the overall design minimalist.

$30 at Amazon

Right on your hip: Encased SlimLineBelt Clip Case

Encased offers a rugged case that features a built-in kickstand made of metal and a belt clip holster for keeping your phone accessible. You're sure to love those features, along with the design that's both rugged yet slim, keeping your phone protected and functional at all times.

$13 at Amazon

Feels like Ceramic: TUDIA Ceramic Feel case

If you love the feel of that Ceramic backing but also want to keep it safe, TUDIA offers this case that mimics the same hand feel of the Essential Phone's ceramic while keeping the device itself safe. It's a thin and minimalist case that's available in five different styles, including the super stylish white marble pictured.

$20 at Amazon

Best clear case: Incipio NGP Pure clear case

If you bought your Essential Phone because of its fresh design choices, you might be wary of covering that ceramic up with an opaque plastic case. Incipio has you covered with this one-piece clear case that offers a clear view of your Essential Phone while keeping it protected.

From $20 at Amazon

Spigen alternative: TUDIA Carbon Fiber case

This one-piece case is made of TPU and features carbon fiber accents along the top and bottom, along with textured sections along the sides. The design of this case is not compatible with the 360-degree camera attachment, but it does offer excellent protection for your phone while keeping the camera, fingerprint sensor, and buttons fully accessible.

$10 at Amazon

Carry it all: Feitenn Flip Wallet case

Are you looking to add some extra functionality to your phone carry? This wallet case from Feitenn lets you store your ID, credit card, and some cash right along with your phone so everything you need for a night out is in one place this functional wallet case combines synthetic leather or fabric with a soft and clear TPU shell on the inside to provide top-notch protection for your phone.

From $9 at Amazon

Protects like no other: Poetic Guardian Full-body case

The Poetic Guardian is a full-body case that includes a front plate with a built-in screen protector. Combining soft and shock absorbing TPU with rigid PC bumpers offers great protection for your phone and a transparent back panel to show off the design of your phone.

From $17 at Amazon

Works with the camera add-on: TUDIA Snap On Case

This one of the few cases you'll find that accommodates the use of Essential's 360-degree camera accessory. It's a thin case made of polycarbonate material that offers basic protection against drops and scratches — except it also leaves the top corner of the back exposed so you can attach the 360-degree camera without removing the case.

$15 at Amazon

Heavy duty with a twist: DUEDUE Heavy Duty Hybrid Case

This rugged case offers triple-layer protection for your phone so that your phone is always well protected — but if the moment strikes you and you want to capture some 360-degree videos or photos, simply fold down the top half of the back of the case and voila! You have access to the accessory port for attaching that 360 camera accessory.

$10 at Amazon

Still rocking an Essential Phone?

Essential has discontinued the PH-1, which is a shame because it was a beautiful phone that just never caught on with a broader audience. If you own one, you've got a collector's item on your hands that you should keep in excellent condition with a case. Also, if you never got around to buying the Essential 360 Degree Camera you should get it at this blowout price.

If you don't think you'll be bothering with the camera accessory, our top recommendation is the Incipio DualPro which is a well-designed case that protects well without adding much bulk. You don't get easy access to the accessory pins, but then again having part of the case snap off isn't the best if you're prioritizing protection.

If you do want a convertible case, consider the TUDIA Snap On which only exposed the top corner of the phone. That means you can use the camera accessory without having to worry about the overall structural integrity of the case when you need your case to protect your phone from drop damage.

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