Best Car Mounts for Pixel 4 in 2022

Unless you're using the Android Auto built into your car's radio, you need a car mount for your Pixel 4. You absolutely do not want to be touching your Pixel 4 while you drive, and you absolutely, positively do not want to be distracted should your old, inferior car mount comes crashing down when you're doing 70 on the freeway and crack your Pixel 4's shiny new screen. Get yourself a shiny new mount for your shiny new phone, especially now that we finally have a qi car mount that can charge the Pixel 4 at top speed!

Finally a fast charging option

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The Google Pixel 4 requires special efforts to get 10W charging on a third-party charger, and the iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless 2 is the first one to feature it so far. Honestly, if there's only going to be one Qi mount to use it with, I'm happy it's iOttie, because that means it's going to last a long time and that it shouldn't fall off at the first big pothole like some heavy Qi mounts tend to. I highly recommend getting the Air Vent model rather than the dash mount because Qi charging generates heat, and by putting the mount on an air vent, you can use the car's AC to help keep things from overheating.

If you don't care about Qi charging, head for my favorite mount style: magnetic mounts, the Meidi Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount is easy to pocket for business trips, can be easily repositioned if you need to avoid the glare of the setting sun during your long commute home, and has some fun color options like cobalt blue and ruby red. Just stick the metal plate for the mount between your Pixel 4 case and your phone so that it's easily removable if you want to use Qi charging later on.

Ara Wagoner

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