Best Car Chargers for Samsung Galaxy S9 Android Central 2021

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is designed to let you do more — as long as your battery doesn't run out! With USB-C and wireless charging capabilities, there's more than one way to keep your phone topped up while in the car. Whether you just need a charger or a charger and mount combo, these are the best options available.

 Anker PowerDrive Speed+ 2 Car Charger

For today, for the future: Anker 49.5W PowerDrive Speed+ 2 Car Adapter

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Whether you plug into the USB-C or USB-A ports, you can charge your Galaxy S9 at 15W and you can charge your tablets, Chromebooks, and power banks at 30W via USB-C Power Delivery. You pay a little more, but Anker's 18-month warranty lets you rest easy that your charger will work — or it will get replaced.

$30 at Amazon
Aukey CC-T13 Car Charger

Compact USB-C charger: AUKEY CC-T13 18W PD Car Charger

This is a charger you can plug in, then shut the cover and forget it's there until you need it. The 18W capacity is not a fast charge for a laptop or tablet, but it will charge your Galaxy S9 quickly and will do so without getting in the way of any of your other ports or cupholders.

$13 at Amazon
Lynktec Bolt Wireless Car Charger

Smartest Dock: Lynktec Bolt Smart Automatic Car Mount

A touch-sensitive panel at the top of the mount opens the clamps, an IR sensor closes them once your phone's in place, and the mount can fast Qi charge your Galaxy S9. It also comes with a USB-C cable and two-port QC 3.0 car charger to plug the mount into.

$40 at Amazon
iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless 2 Charger

Go wireless: iOttie Easy One-Touch 4 QI Wireless Charging Mount

The Galaxy S9 allows for wireless charging, and this car mount from iOttie works even with a thick case on. It includes a 12V adapter with a hardwired cable for supplying power to the mount, and a telescopic, adjustable mount to easily affix to your dash or windshield.

$50 at Amazon
Tronsmart 36W Car Charger

Integrated cable: Tronsmart 33W Dual Car Charger with Quick Charge 3.0

Charging isn't about just the charger itself — there's also the cable to take into consideration. Tronsmart takes the thought out of the buying decision, with a built-in 3.3-foot USB-C cable for an integrated solution with 18W USB-C charging.

$17 at Amazon
Maxboost 63W Car Charger

For the business traveler: Maxboost 63W Universal Car Charger

This charger has a large footprint and even larger capacity so you can charge your Galaxy S9 and your Chromebook at top speed thanks to a QC 3.0 USB-A port and a 45W Power Delivery USB-C port. Need to charge all you tech on a quick drive? This is for you.

$25 at Amazon
Roav Viva by Anker Car Charger

Get Alexa in the car: Roav Viva Alexa-enabled Car Charger

If you don't have Android Auto but want to add some smarts to your car, check out the Roav Viva by Anker. This car charger has Alexa's voice services built-in, along with Anker's PowerIQ charging ports for fast charging.

$29 at Amazon
RAVPower 54W 4-port Car Charger

Add more ports: RAVPower 4-port QC 3.0 Car Charger

Having two ports is all fine and dandy, but what if you have a car full of people who are taking pictures or just watching videos? There will come a time where batteries get low and the RAVPower 4-port QC 3.0 will save the day. There is a single QC 3.0 port, along with 3 "iSmart USB" ports for fast and safe charging.

$16 at Amazon
Nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger

Know everything about your car: Nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger

There are smarts from voice assistants and then there's the Nonda ZUS Car Charger, which takes it up a notch. This car charger works with the ZUS app to monitor car battery health, record mileage, and even give alerts for parking meters.

$36 at Amazon
RAVPower 40W Quick Charge 3.0 Car Charger

Two ports: RAVPower 40W Quick Charge 3.0 Car Charger

Sometimes you need access to more than one charging port in the car, and the RAVPower 40W Car Charger is perfect. This charger is equipped with dual Quick Charge 3.0 ports while providing up to 40W of power for that road trip.

$10 at Amazon

Charging on the go

Car chargers are a dime-a-dozen nowadays, but it's important to find the right one that can charge your Galaxy S9 faster than you are using it for navigation. That makes the Anker 49.5W PowerDrive Speed+ 2 an easy pick with Anker's PowerIQ charging technology, along with the option for a standard USB cable or USB-C.

For those wanting to get rid of at least some of the wires, then you'll need to check out the Lynktec Bolt Car Mount with its Auto-Sense technology and one-touch release mechanism. Plus, the Bolt offers up to 10W fast-charging per Samsung's specifications for the Galaxy S9 lineup.

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