Best Bands for Garmin Forerunner 235 Android Central 2019

If the time has come to replace your Garmin Forerunner 235 band, it's essential to choose wisely. After all, you rely on your running watch to track your daily activity. You want a band that's going to feel comfortable and secure on your wrist as you go about your day. You're in luck because there are a plethora of great choices out there.

Built for strength: HWHMD Silicone Band

Staff favorite

This band comes highly rated and with good reason. The ergonomic design is made with a moderate softness, so it's not only comfortable to wear but durable, too. It promises to handle even the most extreme conditions so that you can count on it for all your workouts. Did we mention the price is phenomenal as well?

$8 at Amazon

Superior flexibility: NotoCity Soft Silicone Band

Are you noticing a theme? That's because silicone is arguably one of the best material choices for running watches. This one uses high-quality silicone compression molding, so it's light and flexible. The porous design reduces the weight of the strap while improving breathability during exercise.

$13 at Amazon

Lightweight comfort: Fintie Soft Nylon Sport Band

This NATO-style band gives you the carefree comfort you need during your workouts. The combination of ultra-soft, premium nylon material, and fine craftwork make it comfortable and durable without causing irritation. The double buckle rings keep it in place during movement.

$10 at Amazon

Go traditional: MoKo Stainless Steel Band

When you wish to maintain a traditional watch aesthetic, this stainless steel band is the way to go. The unique design provides three holes on both sides of the buckle for adjusting the length. The uniform links provide you with a seamless fit. It also makes a good backup band for more upscale occasions.

$21 at Amazon

Simple and sleek: Fintie Stainless Steel Mesh Band

If you want something less bulky, go with this stainless steel mesh band. The strong magnetic clasp makes it easy to secure your watch in place. This band was made with a specialized woven technology so that the smooth stainless steel mesh wraps fluidly around your wrist. Simple as that!

$13 at Amazon

Breathe easy: Meifox Soft Silicone Band

This is another excellent silicone option. Both sides of the band are designed with a round angle so that your skin won't become irritated or damaged when you wear it. The holes in the center make it look more appealing while also offering additional breathability. We don't mind the low price, either.

$7 at Amazon

Perfectly soft: Fintie Soft Nylon Loop Band

If you like the idea of nylon, but you're not a fan of the NATO-style, this band will grab your attention. It's made from breathable nylon weave material to provide soft cushioning on the skin, which allows moisture to escape rather than getting trapped. The adjustable hook-and-loop fastener makes for easy size adjustments.

$11 at Amazon

Stay classy: CablePro Leather Band

Prefer to keep it classy with your running watch? No problem. This smooth grain leather band is lightly milled and tumbled to maintain its refined texture. The high-quality stainless steel buckle is resistant to corrosion and scratches, so it's suitable for extended wear. It comes in various colors so you can pick your favorite.

$15 at Amazon

How to choose

As you weigh your options, be sure to consider your lifestyle so you can choose the band that's right for you. If you're a highly active individual who uses their running watch daily, you'll want the most comfortable choice possible. We love the HWHMH silicone band for top-notch strength while remaining comfortable during your workouts. We're confident you'll love the price tag, too.

Don't forget about the Fintie soft nylon sport band, which is excellent when you want a certain level of softness without having to sacrifice durability. Plus, the NATO-style ensures it will stay in place during the most vigorous workouts. If it's maximum breathability you're after, go with the Meifox soft silicone band. The round angles protect your skin from irritation, and the holes allow your skin to breathe freely.

No matter what your material and style preferences are, you'll be able to find a band for your Garmin Forerunner 235 that delivers the performance you need, day in and day out.

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