Best Bands for Amazfit Verge Android Central 2022

The Amazfit Verge smartwatch is one of the most competitive wearables on the market thanks to its incredibly affordable price tag and long list of desirable features. However, not everyone is a fan of the band that comes in the box. If you're struggling to find the right band for your needs, you're not alone. The good news is there are tons of options to choose from.

SIKAI silicone band

Top-notch durability: SIKAI Silicone Band

Staff pick

If you've been searching for a durable watch band for your Amazfit Verge, you'll be in good hands with this silicone option. It promises top-notch durability while also being extremely flexible. It's the perfect pick for athletes and is available in seven bright colors. This band will fit wrists between 5.7-9.06 inches.

$13 at Amazon
OldDream nylon band

Lightweight breathability: OldDream Loop Nylon Band

When you're looking for soft and lightweight breathability, this is the band for you. The double-layer nylon weave keeps your wrist feeling comfortable all day long. You'll love the ultra-soft cushioning that keeps your wrist free of moisture. Best of all? It's great for sensitive skin.

$18 at Amazon
TeaBoy band

All-day comfort: TeaBoy Soft Sport Band

Silicone is a popular material choice for smartwatches, especially when you're an active individual. This Amazfit Verge replacement band is no exception. The eco-friendly silicone is soft and safe for your skin. In fact, it's so comfortable that you'll be able to wear it to sleep. It's also water-resistant, so you don't have to worry about accidental splashes.

$8 at Amazon
Homsta silicone band

Sporty softness: Homsta Silicone Band

When you're a sports enthusiast, you need just the right amount of softness combined with the perfect amount of sturdiness. This unique silicone band for the Amazfit Verge will do the trick. The compression molding design is made of silica gel and leather, which guarantees durability while being comfortable enough to wear during all of your workouts.

$15 at Amazon
Homsta stainless steel band

Sleek and fashionable: Homsta Stainless Steel Band

You don't have to compromise your fashion sense to wear a smartwatch like the Amazfit Verge. This stylish band is designed with a high-quality stainless steel material that's strong and anti-scratch. It's easy to take on and off with the convenient magnetic buckle, too. All you have to do is pull the cord to adjust the length.

$10 at Amazon
Feccile nylon band

Budget-friendly band: Feccile Nylon Sport Loop Band

If you're on a budget or you just love a good deal, you'll appreciate these nylon bands for the Amazfit Verge. The simple yet attractive design is suitable for all occasions. The nylon loops undergo strict quality testing to ensure they'll provide soft cushioning that won't damage your skin. You don't have to break the bank to look and feel good!

$5 at Amazon

Drawing conclusions

The band that you end up choosing for your Amazfit Verge smartwatch will largely depend on what a normal day looks like for you. If you spend a good chunk of your time working out or playing sports, you're going to need a superior level of durability. Our favorite for this is the SIKAI silicone band. It's tough enough to handle your active lifestyle and comfortable enough to wear all day long.

If you're worried about your skin becoming irritated due to all of your activity, worry no more with the OldDream loop nylon band. It's specifically designed to handle your workouts while remaining as breathable as possible. You won't have to deal with pesky moisture buildup or painful skin irritation with this lightweight band on your wrist.

We've only just begun to scratch the surface on Amazfit Verge bands. Whatever your needs consist of, there's a band that's designed to meet them.

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