Best Alternatives to Nest WiFi Android Central 2020

Whether you're leery of Google's data collection practices, fed up with Nest WiFi's lack of advanced functionality, or simply browsing the market for something better, we've rounded up some of the best alternatives to what Google has to offer. Check them out below — there should be something for everyone!

Best overall: eero Pro

Staff pick

The eero Pro offers incredible speed, consistency, and range, outperforming Nest WiFi in a lot of areas. Plus, with Eero Secure, you gain access to a ton of advanced security features, and the option for a password manager, premium antivirus, and VPN — all at a reasonable price point.

$299 at Amazon

Premium and powerful: Netgear Orbi 6

Netgear has been in the home networking game for a long time, and it shows. Its recently-released Orbi 6 system is extremely powerful, bundling support for Wi-Fi 6 with a tri-band wireless signal that provides up to a maximum of 6 Gbps. The main drawback is that this serious performance comes with a serious price tag.

$600 at Amazon

Best budget option: Luma Whole Home Wi-Fi

Even though it's one of the cheaper options on the list, Luma comes with a ton of features that allow you to control, secure, and customize your connection, including multiple user accounts, parental filters, antivirus, and remote management. It's not as fast, nor does it provide as much coverage as Nest WiFi, but it's still a good buy.

$240 at Amazon

Classic look and feel: Synology RT2600ac and MR2200ac

A lot of the mesh hardware on this list is designed with a modern look and feel. If that's not your aesthetic, Synology's entry into the mesh networking game might interest you. It pairs a traditional router with mesh hardware, providing a surprising amount of flexibility, albeit at the cost of a bit of added complexity.

$340 at Amazon

Massive coverage: AmpliFi HD

AmpliFi HD boasts massive range, making it perfect for users who need to extend their network beyond the confines of the home, such as to a guest house or a workshop. It also looks cool, with a touchscreen on the main unit that shows you details about your wireless connection. The hardware also allows a far broader range of customization options compared to other mesh networking solutions.

$340 at Amazon

Make your smart home smarter: TP-Link Deco M9

TP-Link's Deco M9 is more than a mesh network. It also allows you to control smart home devices such as locks, doors, thermostats, and appliances. With performance in-line with the other entries on this list, it's a great option for users who have a ton of smart devices but lack a unified means of managing them.

$153 at Amazon

Ultra secure: Gryphon Guardian

Where Gryphon's Guardian mesh hardware really shines is on the security side. It provides parental controls that are unmatched in their scope, allowing you to manage and monitor not just content, but also internet access and screen time. For a small subscription fee, it also adds malware filtering, intrusion detection, and ad blocking.

$340 at Amazon

Our top picks

All of the options above are phenomenal choices, but if you're looking for the strongest all-around alternative to Nest WiFi, eero is your best bet. It's one of the most reasonably-priced options currently on the market, and offers excellent connectivity and speed for its price point. Plus, eero Secure is an incredible value add, especially if you go for the premium option, which includes accounts for 1Password, Malwarebytes Premium, and

That said, if you have money to burn, you can't go wrong with the Netgear Orbi 6. It may be prohibitively expensive, but it also blows every other mesh networking option on the market completely out of the water in terms of raw power. It's faster than any other mesh network we've seen, and offers excellent coverage and great reliability.

Finally, if money is an object, Luma is a great choice. Although it's a lower-cost alternative, it still comes packed with a ton of features that even more expensive mesh network systems don't offer.

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