Best Accessories for Samsung DeX Android Central 2021

The best Samsung DeX accessories help you turn your phone into a full-fledged computer, but the feature is tragically overlooked by most users today. That's a shame because, now, DeX has never been easier to use, especially because you don't have to shell out three figures for one of Samsung's branded DeX stations. There are third-party USB-C hubs that work perfectly fine with DeX, along with tons of other affordable, high-quality peripherals for adding a keyboard, mouse, and more!

Link PD Pro

Third-party DeX hub: AUKEY Link PD Pro USB-C Hub

Staff pick

Our favorite USB-C hub for Chromebooks is also our favorite USB-C hub for DeX. It includes an HDMI port, three USB-A ports, USB-C pass-through charging, and even Ethernet, should you want to turn your phone into a PC for a while.

$29 at Amazon

Go minimal: Anker 6ft 4K 60Hz USB-C to HDMI Cable

Want to use DeX to play a video on your hotel room's big screen? Users have been able to activate DeX mode with this Anker USB-C to HDMI cable. Remember that this won't let you charge your phone while you watch.

$18 at Amazon
Logitech Pebble M350 Rose Pink Mouse

Better than a touchpad: Logitech Pebble M350

While you could technically use your Samsung phone as a touchpad while you're in DeX mode, you're better off using a mouse. This slim model has a magnetic top to hide the wireless adapter, and it has Bluetooth, too.

$30 at Amazon
Logitech K380 Multi Device Bluetooth Keyboard

Quick-switching keyboard: Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

A keyboard is essential for desktop productivity, and the Logitech K380 is one of our favorite Bluetooth keyboards for DeX typing on the couch. The battery can last years and swaps quickly between three devices via the buttons on the top row.

$40 at Amazon
Folding Backlit Keyboard

Pocket-friendly: iClever Wireless Folding Keyboard with 3-Color Backlight

iClever's folding keyboard doesn't leave clunky gaps or awkwardly aligned, shrunken keys. The colored backlighting is a nice touch, but being a full-sized keyboard that can fold up compactly, packs well, and works hard more than justifies its price.

$49 at Amazon
Aukey KM-G12 Mechanical Keyboard

Go mechanical: AUKEY KM-G12 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

If you're building a more traditional desktop DeX setup, do your fingers a favor and go mechanical with your keyboard. It's more comfortable for long periods, backlit for late hours, and you can get either clicky blue switches or quieter red switches.

$55 at Amazon
Samsung DeX Station

Finished feel: Samsung DeX Station

If you want a more polished look to your DeX setup, Samsung's official docking station gives you a good port selection and looks nice on your desktop, with two USB-A, Ethernet, HDMI, and USB-C pass-through charging.

$100 at Amazon
18W charger

Perfect pocket power plug: AUKEY USB-C Charger with 18W Power Delivery

There are three charging profiles the DeX station supports, including 9V/2A, and this 9V/2A charger is the size of a quarter and less than the price of a pizza. In other words, this pint-sized charger is the perfect size for your traveling DeX setup.

$10 at Amazon
Samsung TU8000

Go wireless: Samsung 55" TU8000

The Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra don't need a dock or hub to use Samsung Dex; they can use DeX wirelessly on most recent Miracast-supported TVs, like this vivid Samsung 55-inch TV perfect for the living room.

Mix and match the best DeX accessories to build your best

DeX Accessories Logitech Keyboard and MouseSource: Ara Wagoner / Android Central

Once upon a time, you needed to rely on official Samsung accessories for DeX, but these days DeX mode will kick on far more readily with third-party accessories. This is great news for most of us because you can save some money. Plus, it opens up the market for choice.

First, you'll need USB-C hub for your laptop, like the AUKEY Link PD Pro. Chances are you can use it with your Note or Galaxy phone for DeX mode when you leave your laptop behind. In fact, for the newest Samsung flagships, you can skip the hubs and adapters entirely and use Dex wirelessly on your TV.

Other than a USB-C hub, the other real essentials for DeX mode are a mouse and keyboard since using your phone as a touchpad while navigating on your monitor or TV can be a pain. Logitech wins both of those categories with the Logitech Pebble M350 and the freshly-updated Logitech K380 Bluetooth Keyboard; you can even get them in matching colors if you want a cohesive look. The K380 can be used with your phone in and out of DeX mode, and you can even use it with your main computer or Chromebook as a replacement should the keys on that start going bad.

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