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Countless concerts, festivals, and other musical gatherings have been canceled worldwide due to the threat of COVID-19, leaving fans and creators craving something to scratch that musical itch. If you're stuck at home, there is no better time to hone your own musicality and pick up a new technical skill. While social distancing has the pros taking some time off from performing, why not take advantage and become a pro yourself?

Forget about recording your song on a smartphone and take your sound to the next level with The Premium DJing & Music Production Bootcamp Ft. Ableton + Logic Pro X; nine courses loaded with comprehensive instruction on songwriting, recording, production, and distribution using professional-grade software. With lifetime access to 56 hours of Logic Pro X and Ableton Live 10 training, you can become a better musician at your own pace and feel confident that you are learning industry-standard practices along the way.

If you are unfamiliar, Logic Pro X and Ableton Live 10 are digital audio programs used by professional producers around the world (like Skrillex and Calvin Harris, to name a few) to record, master, and sequence music. While it may seem intimidating to use such programs, the 2020 Music Production with Ableton Live 10 & Logic Pro X Bundle is great for beginners as it provides all the knowledge you need to harness these tools and begin producing hit songs of your own. Beyond the purely musical elements of this bundle, you will gain a better understanding of the music industry as a whole and find out the best ways to get your foot in the door.

From the basics of writing a drumbeat to global online music distribution, The Premium DJing & Music Production Bootcamp Ft. Ableton + Logic Pro X has you covered. If social distancing is stifling the music in you, hunker down with this bundle on sale today for only $49.99 and improve your sound after just a few lessons.

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