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BBM will not be heading to Android, still need to buy a BlackBerry for it

For a long old time now, we've heard various tales of the jewel in the BlackBerry crown, BlackBerry Messenger, breaking free and heading over to Android. We've seen "screenshots", just as we've seen the rumors get dismissed. It seems now though that we can finally lay the whole thing to bed. BBM will not be coming to Android. 

The final installment reads a little like this. A new report from the WSJ claims that RIM was indeed testing BBM on other platforms, cunningly disguised as "SMS 2.0." Then enters new CEO Thorsten Heins, who apparently has taken the option completely off the table. Sources familiar with the matter told the WSJ "it was not up for discussion." 

So there we have it. Anyone disappointed? Maybe not. The world remains as it always was -- if you really want BBM, you sure as gosh darn it don't buy an Android phone. 

Source: WSJ via Crackberry

  • I know 2 people that have BlackBerrys's and neither of them use BBM. So nothing missed here.
  • Yeah, my wife was the only person I knew with a BB, and she switched to an iPhone. But I think they should really try selling their "award winning" (assuming it has won any) messenger system in the various app stores to make money in the US. Their device sales here are tanking seriously bad. I used to have a BB Tour, and I liked BBM alright, but it is basically the same as the SMS built-in features in iOS and Android. I certainly wouldn't buy a BlackBerry just to get BBM.
  • what is the lure of a non-cross-platform messenger? Especially when the platform is dying... Google Talk will do me just fine... I had a blackberry for 2-3 years, and used BBM, I know it's cool... but I moved on with no heart break...
  • The platform isnt dead yet but it definitely would be if they start selling away what few competitive edges they have left
  • "competitive edges..." That used to be the case but BBM is nothing special anymore.
  • BBM is so thorough I fell asleep watching a walkthrough of it. I can't say that about any similar programs available on android or iM on iOs. So I'd say it's special. Something everyone wants? Not so much, but i'm pretty sure a big chunk of BB users would swear by it and RIM has to make sure they can hold on to those guys at the very least.
  • *long yawn* ppl still use this?
  • Apparently enough people that apple saw fit to copy it with iM
  • How dare you say that Apple copied somebody else. All Apple does is innovate. They will now sue you for copying their copy accusations.
  • Aww but they're already suing for violating a patent on accusing others of copying!
  • Used to know a lot of people with BB.. they've all moved to Android or iOS. Even if this came out today on Android, I personally, wouldn't need it. Maybe would have been cool a year or two ago, but not now.
  • Well actually here in the Dominican Republic would be good cuz almost everybody still uses blackberry. there are few of us that have switched to android or ios but blackberry here still has a huge market just because of the BBM. would have been awesome to get it, but really haven't missed BBM as I thought I would. loving my android and also, blackberry sucks! =]
  • Hey! I'm from Dominican Republic too. San Pedro to be specific. And yes, Blackberry market here is huge but I don't get it, KiK Messenger and even Facebook Messenger is a good replacement for BBM. They both have those read notifications.
  • Meh, Give me enterprise access to email through my BES and I'll be happy. I couldn't care less about BBM. Chat programs annoy me because they're so good an interrupting me anyway.
  • While BlackBerry isn't doing so hot here, they're doing well in emerging markets and also in Europe. The reason being that BlackBerry plans and phones are cheap! They'll probably get 200 minutes, 100 texts, 500MB data, and free BBMing-and when EVERYONE has BBM, texting is practically free/their main source of communication. BlackBerry CAN'T put BBM onto other platforms, because then it'll lose out in other markets. Everyone will be allowed to use BBM on other phones-so people will move to other devices. BlackBerry can't risk losing that-at this point-because this is its edge over other devices. It doesn't have the hardware/software to compete with iOS/Android without an edge. Will this have any influence on the US market-no. I've had my fair share of pearls/curves/bolds-and while I LOVED BBM when everyone was using it, nobody's using it now... and it would just be a waste of space that I could use for Temple Run.
  • ...and some how, life goes on.
  • Whats a Blackberry? Is it a fruit like blueberry?
  • Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. Wont be making that mistake again. I am happy where I am.
  • Stop complaining cause if it was coming to android you all would of been the first to install
  • It is funny seeing all the meh no big deal comments. Funny because we all know they are all fake. We can say what we want about BlackBerry. But BBM is without question one of the best apps ever made. People crack me up, a friend of mine just said "I don't need BBM. I have KIK, Whatsapp and ping chat!" Little does he know that is exactly why he needs BBM. Lol Everyone would use BBM if they could and there would be no more needing several messaging apps for diferent contacts. I am the same way. I have 3 messaging apps installed on my Nexus. I would give all the clones in the world for BBM.
  • Good idea Mr. Heins - keep your crown jewel exclusive to your products. That way the service can loose relevancy as your platform bleeds market share, so when the platform eventually dies, whatever value BBM might have had goes with it. Brilliant!
  • I was very disappointed when I read this earlier elsewhere. Most of my family, and friends who had BB's only kept them as long as we did because of BBM. Now we have all moved to Android and SMS is frankly not nearly as elegant. When we heard the announcement last year that BBM may come to Android as early as 3Q11 We all agreed we would probably pay up to $5 a person to use it. Google Talk doesn't hold a candle. One of the biggest features I miss is seeing the time stamp next to each message of when the message was received by someone, then updating to read once they had opened up the thread in BBM. It is also a lot easier to share pictures via BBM. Most of the time it was faster than SMS/MMS with no 160 character limits. Handcent does a decent job of making the default SMS app more like BBM, but it is definitely not a replacement.
  • RIM should honestly focus on porting their services to iOS and Android if they want to survive.
  • I have both Android (mine) and Blackberry (work). I have a few colleagues with BB, but I haven't had a BBM conversation in over a year. Having to update PINs when the BB gets replaced tends to kill that usefulness, at least for me.
  • Why? Getting a new pin when you get a new BB don't effect BBM at all. You can switch devices as much as you want and it stores your contacts and groups. You can either store it to your SD card or have your contact list and groups synced to any of your email accounts. OR you can do both. It has been that way for ages. No offense, but that is pretty simple stuff really, I'm surprised there is anyone that has used BBM and doesn't know about that feature lol. EDIT Also there is no point in knowing someone's PIN, you need it once and that is it. Say I get a new PIN, everyone on my BBM will get that new PIN as soon as I restore. Even their BlackBerry contact card for me will be automatically updated with the new PIN.
  • I'm blaming Google for allowing this to be an unfulfilled need for so long. GTalk has been allowed to stagnate while money and effort are poured into G+, whose features should have been added to GTalk in the first place.
  • A year ago I had a hard time when I switched from BB to Android. Thank goodness I found Whatsapp and Kik. I even forgot BBM exists. I have a Playbook and I have never thought of using Blackberry bridge for BBM purposes.
  • Same here. Kik pretty much takes care of the lack of BBM for me.
  • I'm with Moth. Just use Whatsapp (bummer it's not free) or Kik (which is100% free with no ads).
  • Meh, who cares
  • The reason it's not being sold is because heins jumpstarted blackberry 10, and wants to see how that does first. And honestly, since the new devices have the power of the high end Samsung and HTC devices, and also include an android app player, what's not to like, it's the best of both worlds.
  • Unlimited texting plan = don't have to care about BBM, Google Talk, Kik, etc.
  • Here lies an operating system with great potential. RIP Blackberry. You were once loved.
  • Omg no bbm on my android!? Why god why!..... On a more serious note...... I could care less...
  • ZOMG... people still use BB? I used BBM maybe six times in the fourteen months of hell I endured as a BB user.
  • Why would you buy a 400 dollar phone JUST to use BBM? The rest of the phone is useless... browser sucks, app world sucks, screen size sucks, camera sucks... and we can go on and on.
  • I agreed that app world sucks. The browser was good for the phone itself. If the browser were on any other phone-it would suck ass. But because of the form factor of the phone-it worked fine. The camera on the newer phones suck. I had a 9780 at some point in my life, and the photos came out nice. At that point, all of my friends had BlackBerries. The Bold 9780 camera was more stable than the Torch and the Bold 9900-none of my pictures ever came out blurry. I guess for its time, the 9780 had a great camera, but BlackBerry went backwards in that department. I didn't mind the screen sizes. My 9780 did the job. The 9900 has a nice display. The slide-out torch, eh I guess. The Torch all-touch should have been bigger. A 4-incher would have been perfect, but BlackBerry sold itself short. When separated, each feature either "works" or "is just ok." The total package was a very good package. It was very user friendly/idiot-proof. The problem isn't these things-the problem is that unfortunately BlackBerry users are limited in what they can/cannot do. BlackBerries are great for people who have a set schedule and a set routine. Every day. And never go on a tangent from the norm. Ever. But for people who do go on these tangents, the BlackBerry is impractical... which is why I had to give mine up.