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Australian network operator Telstra has published an announcement on the status of software updates for some of its major Android handsets, including the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Nexus. Many handsets can look forward to receiving ICS or Jelly Bean updates before the end of the year, however some have slipped into early 2013.

Here's a breakdown of what Telstra customers can expect in the weeks ahead --

  • Galaxy S2 4G - Ice Cream Sandwich update expected Dec. 10
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus - Jelly Bean (4.1) expected to be approved in December. Availability TBC.
  • HTC One XL - Jelly Bean (4.1) expected to land before end of year.
  • HTC One S - Jelly Bean (4.1) due in early 2013.
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 - "Showstopper" bug uncovered in testing the Jelly Bean (4.1) firmware means this update isn't expected before early 2013.
  • Sony Xperia U - ICS update to launch Dec. 17.
  • Motorola RAZR HD - Jelly Bean (4.1) update expected Dec. 17.
  • Motorola RAZR M - Jelly Bean (4.1) update expected Feb. 8, 2013.

Many of these updates lag behind the international versions of these handsets -- for example, the international Galaxy S3 got Jelly Bean over a month ago, while the Galaxy Nexus is already on Android 4.2 in other territories. In any case, hopefully Aussies can take solace in the fact that update schedules are available to them -- that's more than many other carriers offer.

Source: Telstra, via: Ausdroid