Aukey's new chargers from CES 2020 are more power and less brick

Aukey Omnia Series
Aukey Omnia Series (Image credit: Aukey)

What you need to know

  • Aukey Omnia Series will include two 100-watt chargers.
  • The new Power Delivery chargers will be up to two-thirds smaller than a Macbook charger.
  • Aukey is working with Navitas to create gallium nitride integrated circuit control chips.

Aukey's new Omnia Series chargers, introduced at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, will be up to 66% smaller than the stock charger that ships with the 13-inch Macbook, Apple's smallest laptop.

Aukey CEO Lu Haichuan says that the company is "the producer of the world's smallest PD chargers," and the company's 18-watt Power Delivery charger was one of our top picks for the last Black Friday sale season. Power Delivery is a universal standard for fast charging, and Aukey says that the gallium nitride (GaN) technology in its newest chargers can conduct electricity up to 100 times faster than older technology based on silicon semiconductors.

Aukey is also working with Navitas, a company that specializes in using gallium nitride, to power integrated circuits (ICs). The companies developed OmniaChip ICs for the new Omnia Series, and OmniaChip is designed to increase switching speeds and improve energy savings.

The new chargers will come in flavors that support charging up to 100-watts, which is more than enough to charge a Macbook Pro and flagship smartphone with the two USB-C ports. Aukey has not released specific pricing details, but the five models will be available in 61W, 65W, and 100W power options in the Spring of this year.

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