AT&T Xperia Ion officially receiving Android 4.0 update

We noticed just shy of a week ago that some users were reporting that an update was available for their AT&T Xperia Ion. AT&T has spilled the beans now, and announced officially that the Ion has an Ice Cream Sandwich update ready to go. Along with the entire host of usual Android 4.0 improvements such as an improved lock screen, redone browser and new home screen folders, AT&T notes that the update will "provide faster Mobile Hotspot and Wi-Fi speeds" on the device.

This update won't be coming OTA (Over the Air) to your device, so you're stuck downloading Sony's PC companion software to download and apply the update (seriously, just push it OTA please). Check out the source links below to see the official statement from AT&T, as well as the Sony support page to hep you setup the software for the update.

Source: AT&T Consumer Blog, Sony Support

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  • Pathetic. It should have shipped with ICS and should now be jetting Jelly Bean.
  • I agreed with you up until "should now be getting Jellybean"
  • I agree as well and was riding Sony about this when I found the international version either shipped with or was readily available for download. Not surprised its now though, with PlayStation mobile coming in a week.
  • Sony upstream a lot of code to Android. How is it that they are so late to the party with updates? I would think they would be some of the first.
  • Sony announced that we will be getting 4.1 JB to the 2012 handsets. considering JB just came out for the Samsung GS3 we aren't that far behind the curve, some phones are still running 2.3.7 like some of Motorola devices. Plus 2.3.7 to 4.0.4 was a huge update that fixed and added a butt load of new features. The update to 4.0 to 4.1 is mainly internal fixes and patches most people wont even know the difference. But I guess some people want bragging rights that is probably why everybody wants JB to come out for the Xperia handsets. Personally I'm enjoying 4.0.4 and when I receive the official 4.1 JB that's gonna be kool but nothing to get overly excited about.