AT&T teases 'amazing new HTC device,' offers the chance to win one

Carrier giving away five HTC One (M8) devices over next five days

Psst — AT&T has a secret to share, according to a promotional page doing the rounds on Twitter. The carrier's "Share the Secret" page brings news of an "amazing new HTC device" coming soon, and it isn't leaving much to the imagination, with a mockup image showing a device similar to the HTC One (M8) we've seen in countless leaks of late. The contest's fine print lists the device's approximate retail value as $639.99.

AT&T is giving away five of the unnamed handsets between today and March 25 — one per day until HTC's M8 launch day — with additional entries awarded for spamming your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Despite the selection of winners taking place before the M8's announcement, we're presuming winners won't receive their shiny new HTC Ones until the device actually goes on sale. In any case, this would seem to be confirmation that AT&T is onboard with the M8 from the get-go.

Source: AT&T (opens in new tab); via: @MobieDog

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  • HTC One (M8) to not have a front facing camera, CONFIRMED.
  • Selfie-less......oh no! How will Facebook get pics now?
  • Very observant! Perhaps it's the store mock model.
  • LOL
  • Haha +1 Photoshop level: Sub-Zero
  • it's just not that amazing.
  • Agreed...I want it to be but it's not looking like it.
  • It's not intended to amaze you, Gekko!
  • Then it has totally met it's goal......
  • Nothing amazes the Gekko.
  • Yes. It's is. A we're excited! Woo! HTC! HTC!
  • kinda pricey for the device IMO. IF i can unlock the bootloader i may pick one up.
  • Incomplete info e.g. Internal storage as well as other specs to evaluate price.
  • Plus carriers tend to overprice their off contract phones. I'd say the base model will be $600 straight from HTC. Posted via my amazing HTC M8 in the world's worst dummy case
  • Just wait for the S5 then compare, if you still want the HTC then it will already be getting a discount. Trust me.....there is not going to be any shortage on this new one. I bet you could stroll into any Verizon store on the 25th and they will have them in stock.
  • That pretty much goes for any device that isn't the iPhone. Your point?
  • The HTC One had been sold out for three weeks from my carrier last year...
  • Ssshhhhhh... Saying such things will make others out to be a liar. Actually nevermind, according to them the HTC One was a "poor" seller... /s Posted via Android Central App
  • It's not that it was a poor seller. It just wasn't the home run product that HTC sorely needed.
  • I doubt it ever could have been, since their costs to conduct business was eating too much of their revenue. Posted via Android Central App
  • They had some production issues in the beginning.
  • The "EnterNow" button is broken on the site. Looks like no one will win haha
  • Good. I already entered. Increases my chances lol. Would love to win one for my wife. Posted from my Nexus 5 via Android Central App
  • Found it. Entered. Pretty cool.
  • I entered. I just got the One about two weeks ago, but eh. Third giveaway I've entered, so hopefully three time's the charm! Posted via Android Central App