AT&T Samsung Captivate benchmarks and graphics/gaming test

Let's not mince words here: The Samsung Galaxy S class of phones is powerful, both in raw processing and graphics. We've seen as much from the 1GHz Hummingbird processor every time we've used it, and we're seeing as much in our own benchmark tests.

But here's the thing about benchmarks -- they're fun to do, but end the end all they give you is a number. And we'd rather compare phones in actual real-world tests. And, of course, that means gaming!

So after the break, check out the Samsung Captivate as we put it up against the Motorola Droid X, HTC Evo 4G and Google Nexus One in a couple of benchmark tests -- and then a few laps of Asphalt 5.

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  • keep these coming ! i love benchmark and graphics tests.
  • could consider some new background music though.. zzz
  • Sigh I wanted to do heavy gaming on my phone... but oh well. /Evo 4g Edit: The thing is... 3d games can work. Exzeus Arcade and Raging Thunder II... both run beautifully.
    Games just need better coding. Gameloft needs better ports.
  • damn that Super AMOLED looks great!
  • I'm blown away by how much better it is that ALL the other phones. WOW
  • That's exactly what I was thinking! That screen blew all the other phones out of the water. Oh, and by the way it also blew the other phones out of the water in the benchmark. Sammy might just have a great phone here.
  • Just came over from precentral because I waiting to jump ship to get the Epic 4g and am rooting for the galaxy. But sorry if I sound nieve, but asphalt on my pre is smooth as can be and never stutters. Is that because I have the 800mhz patch and its a tiny screen, or does the pre actually have good gaming? I was suprised to see such huge phones stutter on a game I have been playing for four months.
  • You really need to see it in person... I went to a T-Mo kiosk to play with a vibrant today. Its amazing. No review can show you just how good it is, cause the cameras just don't record how good it looks.
  • I can't even imagine how these Galaxy S phone will fly once Froyo hits them. Its gonna be INSANE.
  • Yeah I went to a T-Mobile store too and DAMN that screen is gorgeous! On a side note, the phone itself was really light and, I'm sorry to say, felt cheap. I wish it had a bit more meat to it...then again I'm used to my Evo...
  • sick!
  • I'm so glad I'm getting the Vibrant. Flash is overrated (on a cell phone) and FFC is useless.
  • there's a new sheriff in town boys.
  • It makes me smile when I see the things my phone is capable of.
  • The fastest I've gone with custom roms and kernels (30 FPS cap fix) for the HTC Evo is 8.008 for Linpack and 27.1 for Neocore. So sad =(
  • Samsung has made great progress. I stick with Verizon however and Motorola. Samsungs phone for verizon wont come until later... by the time it comes out it'll be 2 months before dualcore proc phones with front facing cameras. Timing is their main issue now.
  • Eeeesh. Wow. The Gal S makes the EVO look like its 6 months old, and not like what? A month? Granted I'm not that hard core of a gamer on a phone. But still. *shrugs* Its a moot point anyways since I won't go with Samsung since their support sucks for updates, and I won't go anywhere near ATT.
  • When the Fascinate gets rooted it will be hard to resist the urge to buy one!
  • Agreed, Samsung Fascinate all the way! When's it coming out?
    Cmon VZW, hit us with a release date already. Moto came out already, that's old news. Time for Sammy release!
  • It's already rooted. I rooted my Vibrant the day I got it. :)
  • I don't why they keep putting the Evo up for a speed test when everybody knows that HTC fucked it up on the FPS locked. I Love my Evo for everything it has, but this is just stupid to keep reminding evo owners that HTC don't what thus Hell they are doing. Samsung needed something after that garbage of a phone (the Instinct) they claimed was so great. God that was the most POS phone I ever had, but it held me over till I got my Evo.
  • how exactly did locking the framerate to 30 fps affect the fact that the Evo can't drive 4" screen past 25.3 fps? it could be unlocked to over 9000, and it would still get 25.3 fps. But numbers arent everything. Run neocore on your evo. 25 fps while using a 3d engine built to actually use the Adreno (Neocore) ain't bad at all.
  • From what I have read with other people rooting there evos and changing the kernel and getting about 45-55 fps and see a huge difference. I'm not sure, I haven't really heard anything lately but really it don't bother me at all. Only one game, which is asphalt or what ever that racing game is that I noticed slow downs. That's probably the reason why NFS shift never came out for Evo like they said due to the games speed.
  • The GPU does suck and the 30fps cap makes it worse.
    Sadly, our phones were outdated from the beginning. My Pre played games much better unfortunately.
  • hm... I always thought 3630>snapdragon>3430, but i guess the gpu is still better on the omap.
  • It has nothing to do with the screen size but the fact that the snapdragon gpu sucks bad. Look at the results for the nexus one.
  • It has everything to do with the screen size, which is why the Legend and Aria outbench all other Qualcomm phones. Simple mathematics can plot out the benchmark results and the screen size of the devices, and the curve will be the same. One is a direct result of the other.
  • Not screen size...
    But the amount of pixels. The Droid X should have the hardest time because it has the most pixels. However, it has a dedicated GPU so it's fine. Until Qualcomm releases those dualcore Snapdragons, we won't see heavy gaming on our phones.
    Sadly, I have an Evo. I wanted to do heavy gaming, but it's a no-go for me. The dualcore snapdragons should be 1.3GHz and have a much better times with graphics... probably as good as the Hummingbird processor.
    The Snapdragon's graphic chip, the Adreno 200, needs a massive upgrade.
  • LOLZ screen size has nothing to do with performance. If it ran on a 30 inch screen but had a 640x480 resolution, it wouldnt make a difference. Resolution is a deciding factor yes, screen size.. never. The legend isnt even 1ghz. it doesnt outbench the snapdragon. If i remember correctly, its just the same 600mhz thats in the mytouch slide. The snapdragon is nice, but the hummingbird is better. They both run at 1ghz, but the hummingbird sucks less battery and gives better performance. The GalaxyS line has a hummingbird WITH a dedicated GPU and still has a better batterylife than all the phones its up against. For the dude that didnt want to go to ATT..
    Captivate = Vibrant = Epic 4g = Galaxy S. The same phone is going to be on every major carrier under a different name. You dont have to switch carriers unless you want it now. In that case, Tmobile launched it today.
  • Great Review! How's the battery? Is it a hog? I heard rumors that the Galaxy S eats a lot of battery. I hope those are just lies. Gettin' the phone on Sunday!
  • It does look good and it's fast. Cnet gave the camera pretty bad marks, though, which is unfortunate. Seems like we can never get a phone that has everything we want. Something is always inferior or missing.
  • What bad marks? They just said it lacks flash which isn't a big deal on a phone if you ask me. Phones cannot take good night shots to begin with. I have sprint so will be getting the epic though but flash or no flash I wouldn't care. This thing can play 5.1 surround sound. That's just sick.
  • My camera has to be able to read QR codes :D. And as for the surround sound, it's awesome on paper, but that's really a feature for home theaters, not 4-inch phones. Phones need 3.5mm headphone jacks. However, the i*hone doesn't have it, so it's one more talking point :)
  • Finally AT&T a respectable Andriod phone!!!!!! Cant wait to get my captivate.
  • i got 44.011 with linpack on my evo with avafroyo YAYYY.. but i cat run neocore in this rom :(
  • ughhhh I love but hate my evo for this :\
  • you need performance put this rom if you know how!! and overcklock it with setcpu to 1.19ghz
    and set to performance and then you gonna see what you evo can do!!!
  • An OCed EVO? Sure, it would be fast, but most people use a desktop computer if they want a big screen that has to stay plugged at all times. :D
  • 55 FPS?!!?! WTF!!!!!!
  • My Galaxy S is spanking every other phone. Also the battery life is good and Im drunk right tnow and dropped it from a height and hardly a scratch. Samsung have made a good one here, I cant wait for Froyo.. All hail the South Koreans
  • This same game in the INC look so good and truly smooth....look forward when Phil test it vs DInc I never see that, I would like to see the Inc vs nexus...
  • Isn't the incredible another snapdragon phone?
  • Its but for some reason is more faster than evo...the INC is really fast compared to any phone included new ones
  • The Incredible is pretty fast... It does not have the 30fps cap that the Evo has... However, that shouldn't help either way. For some reason, the Droid Incredible just benchmarks higher. Check on Anandtech.
  • The incredible has 57 fps I did the benchmark and this is with Android 2.1 you people that talk about the inc is obvious you never had one on hand
  • Snapdragon sucks at games on all phones especially high end games like Asphalt 5.
  • My AT&T contract is up in a couple of weeks, just in time to pick one of these Captivates up. It'll be a great introduction into the world of smartphones... finally =)
  • For all of those getting down on the EVO, just because we don't have a dedicated GPUdoesnt mean you can't play 3SOME games does it? I saw the guy in the video play the same games, it just wasn't as fast or smooth. But he was still able to play it just fine. What's the problem?
  • Well I do play Nova on my evo, it runs great. I play a hand full of games, I think HTC really did well with the Evo but failed on a few things. The quality of the camera is ok on a shot for shot, Vid for Vid take. Some or good, some are bad. Then the gay ass HDMI port that you can't do anything with but show videos you have on your phone. You can't use it with nes emus or anything phone related. I would have no HDMI port and have better fps speed. I also noticed the lag sometimes when doing certain things like scrolling and sometimes typing on my keyboard touchscreen. I have no reason to root my evo to get a better performance out of it. If others can make the the evo run faster and better then HTC needs to stop making excuses and keep blaming the HDMI port.
  • Phil, You sound so giddy when you pit the Nexus with 2.2 against the other 2.1 phones. I realize its your favorite phone and you enjoy propping it up while it has the update ahead of other devices, but at the end of the day the Snapdragon is a poor SoC compared to the Hummingbird and OMAP3, both in CPU and GPU performance. I think you're doing the Android community a disservice by not emphasizing its very poor graphics capabilities. HTC needs to move forward and release their new phones with competitive processors. At least they responded to the outcry when people discovered that the touch-panel on the Nexus was poor with multitouch. The Qualcomm benchmark is a very poor one, as it does not reflect performance in games (try enjoying Asphalt 5 or similar on a Snapdragon). The Adreno 200 cannot handle dynamic lighting without HUGE performance penalties, and that demo/benchmark doesn't take this into account. I do understand its nice to pit new devices against what is currently on the market, but when you're trying to be scientific about this stuff it looks ridiculous. The Hummingbird and OMAP 3 SoC's are considerably more powerful, featureful (DLNA, Lighting, Bumpmapping) and if you want to buy a phone for the future, you'll want to avoid snapdragon based phones. This performance gap will only be widened when apps begin to leverage the GPU capabilities of these phones. It also extends to the CPU, which will also be shown to be slower when the other devices receive the 2.2 treatment. The games that will show up on Android will be ports of iPhone games, and much to everyones dismay they will run poorly on the EVO/Incredible/Nexus. So while it may enjoy having 2.2 ahead of the pack, the Droid X/Droid 2 and Galaxy S model phones will be WAY more future proof and enjoyable as the holiday season hits and they receive their updates. People on EVO 4G's/Nexus/Incredible's will not be having the same experience as the non Snapdragon phones.
  • All very good points, but there's one flaw in your argument: You're assuming I'm trying to be scientific. :p And in fact I'm pretty sure I said in this video (and elsewhere) that I can't wait to get Froyo on these newer phones. Of *course* the JIT speeds the Linpack tests. That's why showed it actually running an intensive game.
  • and i will be happy to hack my vibrant to a 2.2 mod and throw a video to help with the JiT compiler scores as soon as its delivered. I keep hearing people say they wont buy it cuz samsung has a crap record of updates on their phones. To those people.. ur totally missing out on some killer hardware. Samnsung will keep it up to date.. and who cares anyways, they left it easily hackable so the mod community will always be 2 steps ahead of a carrier update anyways. I cant wait to see what cyanogen, barakinfl, handler, and the dozens of others do with this phone. Think its fast now? Just wait.
  • ahem... Moment? Galaxy? Behold II? Samsung does suck, really badly, at delivering updates. Also, has anyone rooted any of those? Do any of them have big developer communities? The Moment was 800MHz before 800MHz was cool, yet it was stuck on Cupcake for freaking FOREVER, despite being STOCK ANDROID. If you want fast updates, get a Nexus One or DROID A855 (the old one) or something (anything HTC) that has been rooted. FroYo kicks ass, and the Droid X and Vibrant and etc. are coming out after its release, but still no JIT, no Chrome To Phone, no native tethering/mobile hotspot, no Flash 10.1, and no Apps2SD.
  • Phil is not trying to show off the Nexus one, he is trying to show us how much Android 2.2 boosts the CPU power of any Android. He constantly says how much better the other phones will perform when they obtain 2.2. You are just taking things out of context.
  • Maybe he's trying to show off the fact that the N1 will always get all updates long before anything else.
  • $350 + Better CPU and GPU (Captivate) > $550 (Droid X)
  • Unfortunately the $350 is misstated. Its $529 when you actually visit the AT&T store.
  • some ppl on att facebook page have reported to have got it for $349!
    I called up a nearby store to confirm the same.
  • Fortunately you are a liar. Look through these forums. There are even receipts of people buying it for $350.
  • They seem to have increased the no commitment pricing from 349 to 499. chk out their facebook page! They give the lamest excuse saying 'we made a mistake. sorry' AT&T is the worst!!!
  • EAT IT!
  • Edited to address commenter below.
  • Evo still is the nicer looking phone out, and definitely is the phone to beat on android... I'm not even impressed with these performance, just little better then my Evo... Now if they sucked then I would be pissed! They are newer phone even if it is a month, they HAVE to be better. That's how fast technology is... Gaming on android sucks anyways... Lets talk when there are more then 50 decent games on the market... Don't wait for the next big thing, it will always be out there... When I came to android platform I knew games was definitely terrible compared to iphone...
  • How the hell is it a bit better than your Evo? The screen is way better,
    The screen uses less battery,
    The Memory is DDR2 which uses less battery better than the Evo's DDR1
    The CPU is 45nm which uses less battery
    The CPU is %20 faster
    The GPU is 2X to 3X better
    And the phone is $350 no contract (
    It has Bluetooth 3.0 The list can go on longer.
  • YES,
    a LITTLE faster, you do realize this is a new guy on the block? running a more OPTIMIZED mix of software on a device they had time to study and learn from the likes of phones like the EVO. maybe if you just thought for a second that the evo was released months ago and this is new then u could understand, but clearly you wont. just wait until 2.2 and the evo will be FLYING by a ALREADY maxed out phone. the evo is just bogged down and CAPPED. the vibrant/captive is less bogged down, more optimized and less capped. SIMPLE.
  • Hey the EVO didn't look that bad at all I don't knw what the complain is bcause I thought that was pretty good
  • very nice video, keep 'em coming.
  • man.. captivate simply kills everything else. I'm gonna get on sunday!
  • Nice..
  • I want one...
  • Just got my vibrant this morning and wow.
  • Can't I at least enjoy my X for a full day!! ;-)
  • Evo seems soooo yesterday after seeing these videos.
  • You suck at driving two cars at the same time... Beyond a certain point, FPS isn't terribly important. The human eye and brain can only process so much information at a time. That said, I have a computer that I enjoy bragging about it's 250+ fps performance in games, so I understand... The Epic will probably be my next phone, unless some other hardware keyboard phone with even better specs comes out on Sprint between now and when I can upgrade my Moment. I might still choose the Epic simply because with the "same" phone available on all four networks, the hacker community will be all over this phone.
  • Hilarious how he said "It may be time to retire my Nexus One". WOW didn't the N1 come out in March? lol
  • I had the Samsung Moment on Sprint. Stellar phone, got overshadowed by the less powerful Hero due to Sense and hype. Sammy isn't really great at updating phones either. This looks like they went back to the drawing board and put their hearts into making sure the phone survives, and with 4 versions (6?) out there, should make updating it a priority. Will definitely get this on Tmobile no contract. $499 is worth it for a phone that finally can keep up. I dont play 3d games on phones either, but maybe thats just because the only phone I've had capable of it was the Pre, and the screen is just to small there to enjoy anything.
  • I got a Samsung Vibrant on Friday, amazing - totally stock finishes NeoCore showing 55.7 Frames Per Second. Samsung really delivered with the Galaxy S line of phones, and I'm amazed at the performance and Super AMOLED screen. I was an early Android adopter, so my progression has been from The G1 to the Behold 2 to the Vibrant - Wow this thing screams compared to the others.
  • Two reasons why this phone is sweet. 1) Its a beast, the benchmark proves this 2) Also I got my Captivate for free I'm so happy
  • That Samsung Captivate is insane !! The AMOLED screen and graphics processor is sick !!!
  • Looks like the Droid X is yesterday's news while the Captivate RULES !!
  • bla bla bla the Evo runs games just fine i have NFS Shift on my phone right now runs smooth looks great.Rooted Evo overclocked fps unlocked. And i have 4g were i live