AT&T pushing updates to enable sideloading on older phones

It's a Christmas miracle, folks! Starting today, AT&T is pushing updates to select Android phones that will enable non-market installations -- app sideloading. And, more important, it means the Amazon Appstore will work on AT&T phones.

Who are the lucky ones? If you've got an HTC Inspire 4G or Aria, or a Samsung Captivate, keep an eye out for the update -- those are Froyo devices, if that helps. The new Samsung Infuse 4G already has sideloading enabled.

Good on AT&T for finally fixing this. We'd like to think it was our little editorial that did it, but more likely it was because the Amazon Appstore wasn't working (it sideloads apps, and we can't believe they didn't work that out beforehand). but whatever the reason, we'll take it.

Submitted anonymously via the Android Central App

Phil Nickinson