AT&T to offer unlimited data for U-verse home Internet customers

AT&T is offering its home Internet customers who sign up for U-verse a way to get unlimited data with no caps. This can come in the form of a couple of different options.

AT&T stated:

On May 23, we will introduce a new unlimited data option for our U-verse home Internet customers. AT&T customers who have only our U-verse home Internet service can add unlimited data for $30 more a month. Customers with U-verse home Internet and either DIRECTV or U-verse TV service, and who pay for those services on a single bill, will automatically receive unlimited data at no additional charge – a discount worth $30 a month.

In addition, AT&T customers who don't qualify for the unlimited data options can still get higher caps for their plans, from 300 GB to 1 TB, depending of the speed of their connection. These changes will also go into effect on May 23.

John Callaham