AT&T is now pushing its first update to the BlackBerry Priv

As promised, AT&T is now pushing its first update to the BlackBerry Priv, bringing along with it a number of changes. The update, which was released to unlocked phones last week, brings camera enhancements, security patches and more to the smartphone. Weighing in at around 475MB in size, you can expect the following changes after downloading and installing this update:

  • An improved camera: We've implemented a number of tweaks that improve the speed of our camera app, and re-tuned it for better low-light image quality.
  • Better performance: We've also tweaked the PRIV's software to improve overall system performance
  • Improved stability: The update further includes a number of adjustments designed to improve device reliability and reduce instances of crashing and freezing.
  • Enhanced security: Lastly, the release includes December's security patches – rest easy knowing your device is protected against the latest Android security threats.

In addition to the update from AT&T, Priv owners should notice some updates in Google Play as well. These include new filters for the camera, increased language support in the keyboard, Hub & Contacts gains WhatsApp support and DTEK will have more notification options. Be sure to head to your phones Settings, About phone and check for update. Once updated, let us know how things are going for you.

Source: Michael Clewley (Twitter)

Jared DiPane
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