AT&T HTC One X release date moved to May 6, Best Buy tells customer in e-mail

Folks in the U.S. are waiting with bated breath for a release date of the HTC One X on AT&T. And while we need to stress that nothing's official until AT&T says it is, Best Buy apparently has sent at least one customer an e-mail saying the release date for a preordered One X has changed to May  6, 2012. The e-mail also gives us a SKU (that's stock-keeping unit -- an internal ID number for retail products) for the AT&T One X, but a quick trip to Best Buy's site comes up negative on that front. (You've been able to preorder in stores, though.)  It's possible that Best Buy just got a little ahead of itself here, and we're told no initial release date was given when the One X was preordered. Here's to hoping we hear from AT&T soon.

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Phil Nickinson