AT&T HTC One X release date moved to May 6, Best Buy tells customer in e-mail

Folks in the U.S. are waiting with bated breath for a release date of the HTC One X on AT&T. And while we need to stress that nothing's official until AT&T says it is, Best Buy apparently has sent at least one customer an e-mail saying the release date for a preordered One X has changed to May  6, 2012. The e-mail also gives us a SKU (that's stock-keeping unit -- an internal ID number for retail products) for the AT&T One X, but a quick trip to Best Buy's site comes up negative on that front. (You've been able to preorder in stores, though.)  It's possible that Best Buy just got a little ahead of itself here, and we're told no initial release date was given when the One X was preordered. Here's to hoping we hear from AT&T soon.

More: HTC One X forums; Thanks, Miguel!

  • I might be wrong but I think the 5th month is May
  • Phil it looks like May 6th.
  • Dunno what you guys are talking about. :) (Geez, you're getting fast.)
  • lol, I just happened to open it as soon as it was posted. :)
  • Im it an epic fail that att is gonna be a month late, or a grand victory that att is only a month late?
  • They want to concentrate on selling you a Nokia windows failed 7 phone.
  • That's not the REAL release date, it's a date they're guessing that they will get the negotiations done with the carrier. We've realized that they spend more time negotiating deals than working on the software....hence why it's buggy, needs a lot of updates and drains batteries like nobody's business, damaging the Android name....
  • yes, agreed. best buy has been known to just make up release dates and be wrong. either way, I would just get it from a corp store or amazon wireless. best buy charges at least what the corp stores charge for the phone
  • But if you get it from Best Buy, you can get your $50 gift card that you should have registered for in January.
  • I meant the date that HTC was guessing they would get done negotiating with the carrier...not BB....
  • I am so not feeling AT$T for this phone. Ugh
  • Here is to the hope that we won't get the Release Date run around again.
  • Nah, AT&T will push this around
  • I'm desperately trying not to gloat that I'll be getting mine in the UK in 1 - 2 weeks time from now, damn I think I failed ;)
  • Yes it was a release date by best buy, but honestly i never believe them. I went in there yesterday and they told me it was going to be release on april 18 and everyone knows at&t released phones on sundays, FAIL!