AT&T blocking beta tester Dell Streaks?

There's no official word from AT&T (yet), but it certainly appears that it is blocking the IMEI numbers of all the Dell Streaks handed out to testers in the US.  All data is blocked, and any calls are being routed back to AT&T customer service.  Some members at MoDaCo's forums claim that Dell has told them that this is all AT&T's doing, but as usual the carrier is keeping tight-lipped about the whole situation.  My gut call -- AT&T has a special plan in store for these mini-tablet phones and has disabled all existing units in preparation for launch.

Speaking of which, where the heck is the Streak?  It's been a week since the pricing and availability was announced on Dell's site (and then changed from "end of July" to "soon"), and we're all still waiting.  Throw us a bone, for goodness sake!  [MoDoCo via Engadget]

Jerry Hildenbrand
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