AT&T BlackBerry Priv has an official fix for the 'no service' bug

If you have an AT&T BlackBerry Priv and have been affected by the "no service" bug some have been seeing since September, BlackBerry has your fix.

It comes in the form of a small app from AT&T and BlackBerry, and you can download it directly from BlackBerry. You'll need to temporarily enable the Unknown sources setting that allows applications outside of Google Play to be installed, but you'll be able to enable it again once you're finished.

The folks at CrackBerry are on top of things and ready to offer assistance to anyone who needs it, and the simple instructions from the BlackBerry Knowledge Base are below.

Install the BlackBerry "No Service" Prevention Tool.

To install the BlackBerry "No Service" Prevention Tool, complete the following;

1). Enable the installation from Unknown Sources. To enable this, complete the following;

  • Navigate to the Settings > Security on the PRIV
  • Under Device administration, enable Unknown Sources
  • Tap OK when presented with the warning message

2). From Chrome on your PRIV, click here​

  • Should the message "Chrome needs storage access to download files", select UPDATE PERMISSIONS
  • Tap ALLOW

3). Tap OK when the message "This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep LteCaBugfix.apk anyway?" appears at the bottom of the screen

​​​Please note: Lookout Security & Antivirus may block the direct opening of the downloaded application

4). Once downloaded, select the LteCaBugfix.apk file from the Notification shade. Alternatively, tap the Downloads icon from the App Drawer

5). Select LteCaBugfix.apk


7). Tap OPEN

8). From within the BlackBerry "No Service" Prevention Tool, select the Check Box for "I accept BlackBerry Solution License Agreement."

9). Tap Enable "No Service" Prevention.

10). Once the message The tool has been enabled successfully is displayed, tap UNINSTALL to remove the BlackBerry "No Service" Prevention Tool as the fix has been applied.

11). Disable the installation from Unknown Sources. To disable this, complete the following;

  • Navigate to the Settings > Security on the PRIV
  • Under Device administration, disable Unknown Sources
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  • And the 359 Priv owners rejoice!
  • Yeah make fun of them for not having many customers. Meanwhile, my piece of garbage, overrated, nonsense, battery draining nexus 6p still doesn't have a fix, or even acknowledgment from Google that the battery drain issue exists. I will never buy a phone from the Google store again after this experience. I wish I had the same level of service that blackberry is offering their 359 users. I saw on the other post that blackberry has already has already provided the OTA update for the November security patch. I look forward to getting it in 3 weeks on my Nexus. Unfortunately I don't have the time to manually update my phone right now, nor do I care to, and to be honest, I shouldn't have to. /rant
  • I need to settle down.
  • Sorry I ruined your day.
  • Blackberry is great, had the PRIV and now I have the DTEK60, updates same day, every month.
    They constantly update their suite and I have no regrets with either phone. I don't buy from carriers, because they are dirt for pushing updates.
  • Ya.. I guess that's a problem with most android phones... I wish I got my Priv right from BlackBerry, I hate waiting on carriers.. Some months Rogers is quick other times a month behind. Better than 6+ months like some other brands I guess though
  • Glad to hear this. Dunno why people bash the priv it got rave reviews here a year ago. Unless you are bashing the age or the snapdragon 808 but that's life in the fast lane. The phone is a slick machine too. If they put in a new cpu and bumped the other specs I'd buy a new model next year.
  • I just want them to release the "Vienna"
  • I find irony that the solution is to circumvent their own security measures to download some app, which isn't certified by Google. Seriously, let that sink in & recall the promises and marketing BlackBerry and AT&T did. ********.
  • Maybe its their security measures that block this from being modified in the first place, and you have to consciously choose to sideload the fix thru an app and install it. Also, it's possible they can't pin down who is having the issue and dont want to push it to users with units which aren't having issues.
  • I wonder what the actual fix was. I have two children with nexus 6P phones and both got the no service issue and the only way to fix it was with a factory reset.