AT&T begins BlackBerry Priv sales on November 6 for $249 on contract

AT&T has announced that beginning on November 6, customers will be able to purchase the BlackBerry Priv, making the carrier the first in the US to offer the smartphone. We've seen pre-orders go live already for the Priv from a variety of sources, and now we know when you'll be able to walk into a retail store and grab one yourself.

For those who may forget, the Priv is BlackBerry's first Android-powered smartphone with a 5.4-inch display, an 18MP camera, 32GB of internal storage and a 3410mAh battery to get you through the day.

AT&T will be offering a few different payment options for those looking to get a Priv. On a new two-year contract, the smartphone will run $249. If you'd rather pay over time, you can grab it for $24.67 a month for 30 months, $30.84 a month for 24 months or $37 a month for 20 months. Will you be picking up a BlackBerry Priv from AT&T on November 6? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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  • Go Go Priv!
  • Seems a little over priced to me. Posted via the Android Central App
  • It is. Posted via the Android Central App
  • If you don't want a keyboard, or a more secured version of Android (BlackBerry is using the grsecurity Linux kernel and cryptographic keys burned directly into the hardware), then maybe. - - BlackBerry uses a manufacturing process that injects cryptographic keys into the device hardware But if you like the idea of having a keyboard with its capacitive touch "mouse" and a more secure Android, then you may feel the extra $$ is worth it. It's a niche, but they don't need to outsell the Galaxy S6--they barely need to sell a even a fraction of that for it to be a success for them. BlackBerry's biggest problem is their tarnished brand in the eyes of consumers and (especially) tech review sites. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I haven't been paying to much attention to this phone during the lead up to its release ... but I actually watched the video attached to the article and I've got to say I'm kind of impressed. Looks pretty good to me... don't know if it would actually result in me spending that kind of money on in but I definitely like what there doing.
  • I don't think that's a bad price considering the Note 5 and 6S Plus start at $250 and $300. Off contract, I doubt I'd get it, but on contract, it would probably be what I'd go with.
  • I kinda want this. There's been alot of great releases this year Posted via the Android Central App
  • Too expensive.. Remember?
  • I remember saying $699 was fair. I also remember saying I was buying the 950XL that was $50 cheaper. I also remember you not understanding the concept of marketing and poor attempts to insult me. Still trying I see. Bless your heart. Please, just stick to insulting my rims. You barely did that right. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Idk, lol just sounds like you're full of shit all around. Those wheels though.. PepBoys ballin'...
  • Awww you almost had it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Aw man.. They are from PepBoys, aren't they..? My bad dude, I know that must be a sensitive topic for you. One that triggers the old 'try harder to make fun of me' defense.. Well, if you didn't buy a new phone every few days, you'd be able to get a car that doesn't NEED custom wheels. You may even find yourself a girlfriend (or boyfriend - I don't judge, it's 2015) and have a few bucks to take them out! You'll be alright atit, I know it.
  • You still trying? Lol. I love it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Of course atit!
  • It's already doing better than Microsoft's new flagship...
  • Sadly. The 950XL could had been a tough contender but MS just screwed up everything with this phone from release, to announcement, to the incomplete software. Its pathetic. By the time the holidays roll around this will be lost on sales for the US. I may still get it but with the 6P and this being out, I may start to reevaluate if I even still want the 950XL Posted via the Android Central App
  • Microsoft, hopefully is getting out from under the Lumina Brand. I guarantee they won't exit the smartphone market, they're still getting better sales than they did before Windows Phone and they need to maintain a mobile presence to justify the need for Universal apps to developers. But the Nokia brand is killing them.
    Nokia is dead, Microsoft needs to ditch the design, brand, and staff. Bring in the Surface Pro team and truly unify the desktop and mobile platforms with the Surface Brand. I hope they don't do this until after they release the SDK for converting exe apps into metro apps. With those tools at developers disposal, Windows Phone will be way more secure, and mobile. Posted via the Android Central App on the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact
  • Agree. I almost want to skip the Lumia in hopes of a surface phone. Imo. Might just skip buying phones all the way around this year. Posted via the Android Central App
  • "Surface Phone". That would grab people's attention. The "Surface" line/brand has a good reputation. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Problem is MSFT only had success in the 90's because you had almost no choice, today there is plenty of choice. Plus the bad taste in consumers mouths from decades of fighting with windows OS (something you still get to see every now and then in gov. Buildings and run down businesses) at this point MSFT might have to wait till generation X dies off or is two old to understand computers to make a comeback Posted via the Android Central App
  • I could not have said this better. I've always hated the Nokia/Lumia designs AND the names and hoping the 950xl is a failure just so there would be no doubt on whether to abandon all things Lumia.
  • 950XL is suffering from the same thing that happened to the first gen surface tablets: Hardware seems solid, but the software coupled with the price is just not enticing enough to make the jump. If they had charged $499 for it and the Nexus 6P didn't exist, then I could have seen people being intrigued. Considering how well the Nexus 6P is being received, I think that if they really wanted the 950XL to be a success, then they should've gone for an aggressive pricing strategy ($449?) even if it meant zero margins on units sold, which is still arguably better than a ton of unsold stock like the Surface RT.
  • $249? This should have been subsidized a tad further. Until the device's niche is truly realized in the market, it would be wise to get the most consumers possible. They have a good design going, but deciding to make it such an expensive businessman's phone brings about a deterring exclusivity. BB needs to think twice about their Android-revival plan. Posted via the Android Central App
  • How are they going to win back customers with that price tag?
  • Someone call the waahmbulance for all those crying about the price point.
  • thumbs up for this comment.
  • Way too overpriced especially for it bring the companies first venture into Android. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Blackberry is known for their quality hardware. It's the software that is the unknown. However, this is Android and not Blackberry. Therefore we're dealing with a known versus an unknown. So basically this is a high-end spec'd Android phone but with a less than stellar FFC and no fingerprint censor. So the question is, can the keyboard with its predictive text and pointer/cursor capacitive control be enough to offset those?
  • What quality hardware? "Genuine question from an ex BB loyalist" Posted via the Android Central App
  • BlackBerry 10 has been running Android apps for a couple years. Such a lack of knowledge in these forums. All BlackBerry 10 devices have the Amazon app store pre-loaded. And I have Google Play Store on my Passport (three simple downloads from my phone). Posted via Android Central App
  • Not all BB 10 devices come preloaded with the Amazon app store and it wasn't always a simple step running Android apps. I belong to the school of early adopters for the playbook and bb10 devices and it was a hassle . Not to digress, a significant amount of smartphone users don't even bother updating their software, let alone going through the hassle of sideloading play store. The bone of contention for most people on the fence was if it's reasonably priced and I too am of the opinion that it is priced too high . BB needs to sell a lot of this device to make a profit and there is no real incentive, besides the keyboard, for them to get "just another Android device" for more money. Using your logic, one can argue that there already are Android devices with keyboards( classic and passport) and we all know BB has not realized any meaningful sales . oh and they cost less than the Priv too. Posted via the Android Central App
  • All current BlackBerry 10 devices are loaded with the Amazon app store. This was the case when the 10.3.2 update was available and mandatory to meet CA law and stolen devices. Posted via Android Central App
  • BlackBerry 10 has come a long way since inception in early 2013 and your experiences. As you are aware the PlayBook was not a BlackBerry 10 device nor did it ever get such updates. The original BlackBerry 10 devices (Z10 and Q10) and all subsequently released can and do now easily run Android apps securely in a "sandbox" via QNX. I am on Android Central app right now typing this message from my Z30 (as I do from my Z10, Passport or Samsung Tab Pro.) The experience is similar across the board except the keyboards (virtual or physical depending on device) are better than anything currently available on my Samsung Tab Pro. Android or returning former BlackBerry users are going to gush over the predictive and flicking VKB and the capacitive PKB available on the Priv. Not to mention the unbeatable BlackBerry HUB for mobile communications. Posted via Android Central App
  • Buying from ATT will give you the phone with less but will give you the bloat that ATT puts in...:(
  • lol! so true! But then, everyone currently on ATT knows this and yet still buys ATT phones.
  • It's pricey, but there's nothing else out there for those who want a built in KB/mouse.
  • I think that the price of the Priv is just a little to high for it's specs. Anyone who wants to say if you don't want to pay that much then don't buy it, I agree. The issue is I think most consumers will step away from this device based simply on Price and not actually take another look at this device, which will essentially spell out the end of Blackberry's hardware division.
    They should have subsidized this phone and released it as more of a break even price point, as it sits I think that they looked at the total cost of software engineering for the device as a whole instead of realizing that the software can be reused on other devices and therefor priced it just a little to high for the consumer market. If they could have came in at 500 unlocked and 150-200 on contract I think it would have sold way better.
  • It hasn't gone on sell yet so saying that "it would have sold way better" is premature. Truth is, nobody knows what the proper price point will be for a phone whose hardware is different than anything we've seen in a long time. I don't believe Samsung reduced the price of their original Note phone just because it had a stylus when no other phone at the time was offering something similar. Same goes for LG's Flex or G-series phones with the power & volume buttons on the back. That hardware configuration was unlike anything we've ever seen but I do believe they still charged a premium for it. Perhaps they could have sold more if they charged less. Who knows.
  • This look good, but not good enough to replace my note edge. None of the phones impressed me enough with their functionality and productivity since the note edge. Posted via the Android Central App
  • +1000 I have owned the Note Edge since launch day last year, and despite many phone releases since then I simply cannot give up the functionality the edge panel offers. I thought about purchasing the Priv, just because I used to be a real huge fan and consumer of Blackberry. But I just cannot find a phone that I like better than the one I have. However, I do wish BB success.
  • I was a blackberry user for so many years, I really loved those phones with the keyboard, and using bbm because all of my friends had BlackBerry as well. Then the fad ended and I was the only one left using a blackberry so I went over to Android. While the phone looks really good overall , I am just so delighted with my new 6p that it would take something truly special to win my heart over. If I needed such a business oriented phone than MAYBE I would consider it because it's not using the blackberry OS, but dang this 6p is the love of my life at the moment. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I starting to like the 6P and like what I'm hearing about it. Please tell us how much you like the camera. Is it quick to open, focus, and process a picture? Are the results blowing you away in many different lighting situations? How does it compare to your previous phone's camera?
  • I'm not too familiar with AT&T pricing but on a contract that's the same as I paid for the note 5 on sprint. I'm a blackberry fan but they need to choose their pricing better. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm getting one, but for T-Mobile.  :)  Probably will buy direct from BB.  :)
  • Definitely share your thoughts as quickly as possible. I'm interested in how well they've improved the camera experience (if at all). I think that will make or break whether this phone is priced properly.
  • It's a good subsidized price, and it looks like a great phone, but I'll never buy another phone without a fingerprint sensor.
  • Interesting comment. I will never buy a device that wants or needs to know any of my personal biometrics. I know some obviously like this feature but it's a unnecessary gimmick to me like wireless (wired charger) charging. A device password or picture password and or a wire going straight into my device as opposed to going into the charger my phone is sitting on are sufficient and secure enough for me. Posted via Android Central App
  • oh the bloat...glad to see this device coming out and looking forward to seeing/hearing more about it although my Nexus 6P should be here soon!
  • I'm all for a nice portrait slider, my favorite was the Palm Pre 2/3. The price is definitely higher than anyone should pay at a normal consumer level, corporations maybe. My main worry is this is going to be a heavily skinned android phone that will be left in the dust with current updates. So what you get is what you will always have...ugh. Think I'll have to pass on this and stay with a touchscreen keyboard and a nice Nexus.
  • It's running close to stock from what I've seen/read.
  • Indeed, it's stock apart from a handful of BB apps, and the GRsecurity kernel.
  • BB is dying but can't refrain from the status quo ( carrier exclusive). I would think they'd want as many people as possible to buy their phone to keep the from going under. With the rate at which new phones come out today, by the time at$t exclusive end people will be onto the next phone. Posted via the Android Central App
  • It's not a carrier exclusive. Where did you even read that? It's never been mentioned to be an exclusive, but has been said to be on "all major North American carriers" hundreds of times now. Posted via the Android Central App
  • BlackBerry is not dying. You are just not paying attention to their strategy, acquisitions, ever improving BlackBerry 10 and now the Priv. Read up, it may surprise you. Posted via Android Central App
  • Does anybody know if we will be able to customize with themes like the old days ? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I ordered mine direct. Only way I might change that is if T-Mobile offers it direct on EIP
  • Can I trade in my iPhone 6 plus for this phone? Plz...
    No? K... Posted via my Samsung Galaxy Note tres :D
  • It's better than any note, edge or nexus so I say it's worth it. With that hardware/keyboard, near stock android software, great new features and a edge screen it's above the rest! Posted via the Android Central App on my LG G4
  • Uh no... But if Verizon carried it, I was going to get it. But they're not. So... Enjoy, all you AT&T users. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Verizon is going to carry this. Go over to CrackBerry they have an image of the Priv on Verizon. This device will be carried by all 4 major carriers here in US. Posted via Android Central App
  • AT&T's advert for this device was\is 10 times better than BlackBerry's. After watching that video, I actually want a Priv. Prior to this, I wasn't interested.
  • Going to have to wait till Saturday, sons getting married Friday, some things are a little more important..... as far a price goes remember you get what you pay for