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AT&T commercials show off Backflip, poke fun at Verizon yet again

AT&T just released a few commercials showcasing the Motorola Backflip and didn't mention Android once. Instead, they focus on taking another stab at Verizon, boasting that the AT&T network can talk and surf the web at the same time while the Verizon network can't. It's interesting how AT&T is approaching their Android devices, stripping Google search in favor of Yahoo and now advertising an Android device without mentioning Android? To each their own, we guess.

Anyway, is talking and surfing the web at the same time a big deal for you guys?

hit the jump to see the AT&T commericals about the Backflip!

  • I've never really seen much need to surf the web and talk at the same time. The only time I've run into or foresee ever needing that ability is when using my Eris as a GPS and needing to take a phone call as well. The GPS will keep going, but the map will not continue to update, so it's not like it's not there at all, but it helps to have the map in the background. Honestly, I've always thought that AT&T was reaching with that one. The only ad they have that presents a good case for it is when the guy is on hold with the power company and then does some other work, like check his bank account and such. Other than that - I don't see it.
  • BUT.. If I'm using GPS to get somewhere and take a call, it's usually not in an AT&T 3G area. This only works with 3G, not TDMA 2G service.
  • Once again, AT&T can't really say much so they just harp on the one thing they can do. Oh and if a friend called me just to talk while watching videos online I'd feel like it wasn't that important of a call to be on. Call me when you can find 30 seconds to stop watching online media.
  • To me, talking and surfing the web at the same time isn't something that excites me about a phone. Now people are going to have a problem with doing those two at once or even trying to either one when they don't have service. AT&T service is just down right horrible. They made a big deal about Verizon having commercials talking about their maps, but what is funny is the map that Verizon depicted as AT&T's service map is down right accurate. If you want AT&T, you better be living in a huge and popular city because that is where AT&T's coverage is somewhat decent. Otherwise, stick with Verizon because I'd rather have service than no service at all.
  • I used to have the phone 3g because I thought that maybe it would make att signal better...worng! I switched to verizon and got the droid. I love it. I don't surf and talk at the same time anyway. And yeah I hate that actor too. He just seems like the kinda guy you wanna hit in the face.
  • AT&T sucks PERIOD. They're losing customers and they know it because they don't get service everywhere like they want their customers to believe. The only got all those customers because of the iPhone, they were going down the drain then Steve Jobs saved their behinds. P.S I hate the actor who does those commercials. He's full of it and he knows it.
  • Actually no, AT&T is not losing customers, they are acyually gaining. - Cheers
  • Actually, yes, they are losing customers.
  • although it being an android phone i think its the dumbest design of all android phones & at&t has it ...i have to agree ,there is absolutely no need to talk & surf the web @ the same time ,thats just going overboard...
  • I have to agree about the design of that phone. It just doesn't make any sense to me. But of course AT&T likes to pick up the stupid looking devices. I still can't believe that Apple went with AT&T...If they had gone with Verizon they would be selling twice or even three times as many iPhones.
  • well apple did offer the Iphone to Verizon at first...Verizon turned them down...
  • Who cares the iphone blows ass anyway.
  • It's adorable: 1. They assume your data connection is working while on 3G (good luck.) 2. They assume you're in a 3G area (good luck). 3. They assume you won't drop the call (good luck). 4. They assume I even used data while on a phone call while I had AT&T. I rarely did, and my Sprint Hero can do that just fine with Wifi, which I have 99% of the time I would need to do this anyway. Not pumping up Sprint/Verizon technology, just telling AT&T to use better reasons to switch than that.
  • ugh im so tired of luke wilson and his commercials talking about the same thing everytime! like is that really all AT&T has? that they can talk and surf the web at the same time?...all of my friends have iphones and they all say that they haven't talked on the phone and surfed the web at the same time once...and my friend who's the biggest apple fanboy ever was actually conidering switching to verizon and getting the droid cuz AT&T kept dropping his calls
  • AT&T sucks and they have no other claim to fame other than the fact that you can talk and surf the web at the same. And we all know that that's about as useful as a 3rd nipple.
  • Dude, I would so choose a 3rd nipple over being able to talk & surf the web at the same time. I think the nipple would get me much more personal attention and cool points.
  • ROFL at the posts here.
    Look guys, I don't like AT&T due to the fact that here in Houston their coverage is spotty at best. VZW has them beat hands down. But I'd be willing to bet that those of you who are downplaying the ability to use data and talk at the same time have never had the opportunity to. It comes in handy, trust me. Is it a show stopping, epic failure if you can't? No. But it's definately a plus.
  • Why carry a phone if you're not going to highlight the features of it like... it's an andriod phone? Apple pretty much has AT&T by the balls! In the end when iPhone is on other carriers and AT&T is begging companies to bring their android phones over to them, I hope they send them to hell. That's just my take on it. And I've never seen anyone talking and surfing the web at the same time... totally useless.
  • Yeah, but can you talk and surf on your ATT phone while driving and eating a Big Mac?
  • What surprises me most is the lack of Android /Google being mention,... well not really, it doesn't surprise me :-|
  • it's only a valid point if there is not wifi around so doing both is only an issue when there is not and when 3g is actually available... i guess any feature you can have is a plus, but really At&t, are you that desperate to be pouring so much into that one feature... which 99% of the time will not be needed anyway? I'll stick with sprint and my slimmed down bill..
  • Look plan and simple att does not respect the google android line. They don't even say its an android phone. All they wanna push is that bandwagon iphone. Spotty coverage and dropping calls every 5 minutes blows. Verizon dosent even need to respond to this, if you have any sense you know verizon is a better carrier hands down.
  • What cracks me up is the Apple commercial on TV. Trademark white background, iPhone and a hand manipulating it. The user gets placed on hold and switches over to start browsing the web. The call timer at the top of the screen shows about 20 minutes. So this jackass is using 20 minutes of his minutes on hold. Personally, if I have to call someplace with a high likelihood that I will be placed on hold, I'm doing it at work or on my $20 a month land line. It's a completely overrated feature. Signed,
    Former AT&T/iPhone customer who switched to Verizon/Droid and couldn't be happier.
  • In as long as I've had a smart-phone, I've needed to use the web and talk twice (on the phone while using maps), so on those occasions it would have been nice. I have a Droid for personal use and an iPhone for work and I'll take running multiple apps over being able to talk and surf every time.
  • It's 2010. Who really talks on the phone anymore? Hence why carriers are offering minutes much cheaper now.
  • People will always talk on the phone just as people will always buy gas...until something revolutionary comes out we will be stuck with these basics. Remember when gas was over $4 a gallon? Well people were still buying gas. Minutes are not cheaper because people do not talk on the phone much it's merely a way of getting you to sign that contract. The difference is that gas is a limited resource whereas mintues are virtual formless things. They can give away minutes if they wanted to, but they will charge you for other things like data.
  • Yeah. Who buys a phone to talk on the phone. That would be like buying a laptop to handle your mobile computing needs. Utterly ridiculous. /facepalm.
  • folks who say they have no interest in using data and voice at the same time must never have to make conference calls. checking email and googling information in real time during a conversation is KEY
  • Well there would be times when being able to surf the web and talk at the same time would be useful. Any one who says otherwise is just fooling himself. Lets say I was on the phone with my boss and he asked me if I recieved his email, being able to surf the web and talk would be useful. It is a good thought but I wonder what it does to battery life. Apple fanboys still tell me that they do not need multitasking...they do not know when they would need to have multiple apps open at once. No matter how good something is there will always be people to question why it is needed.
  • iPhone can do this only on 3G, and Droid can do it on wi-fi.
  • Iphone can do it on wi-fi as is just that AT&T's 3G network has the capabilities of supporting talk and surf at the same time on one device. So what if Droid can do it on wi-fi...most other phones can do it on wi-fi as well. I'd rather have the possiblity to do it than not have the possiblity at all.
  • Any newer phone can talk + surf the web using a voip app like google voice. but seriously - do one or the other - ur gonna get into an accident.
  • Omfg.........I've been able to surf and talk for some time now,long before. Any foolish. Claims by att!
  • This is me being anonymous
  • *turns on Wifi* What do you know! I can surf the web and talk at the same time!!
  • I switched from AT&T several months ago to T-Mobile and find it funny that AT&T behaves as if they are the only network capable of simultaneous voice and data connections. Talking and "surfing the web" at the same is not the show-stopper that is being promoted by AT&T's poor marketing. However, talking and being able to access data (including the web) is and I can't imagine being without it anymore. It mostly comes in handy when I need directions and internet access while being on the phone. There have been several times talking on my N1 that someone says they want to meet (see a movie, dinner, show, ergo some event) and I need to find a location, directions to that location, and estimate the time it'll take to get there during the course of our conversation. There are a few times that I listen to Pandora radio, and I downloaded two YouTube videos from RayWilliamJohnson while I was talking on speaker and driving thanks to Dolphin Browser. Now that I think of it I've noticed more people caling me for directions telling me their location and asking how to get somewhere, and I'm able to tell them while I'm on the phone in 15-20 seconds. But if go anywhere outside a 50 mile radius of where I live you can forget it. It's an hour+ drive to the next 3G covered area. *This will be a moot topic 12-18 months from now as Verizon and Sprint roll out their 4G LTE and WiMax networks.
  • While being able to do this without wifi would be cool...not a good enough reason to leave my Sprint family plan.
  • I wish Luke Wilson would mention in one of the ads that you better live in a large city and not travel too far out into the suburbs if you want to talk and surf at the same time! I was with Cingular/ATT from the time I got my first cell phone up until I got my first smart phone. I live 60 miles otside of ATL in a fairly populated area. ATT's 3G has gotten no closer to my area than it was in 2006 when I finally got a smart phone and realized how much better VZW data coverage was. It's irratating to see ATT brag about their great 3G service when it seems that they haven't made much effort to provide better service for anyone outside of large metro areas.
  • Ummm talking and surfing....... My Droid does.....
  • I'm assuming all of u have AT&T since u know all about their service. I work at AT&T and I switch a few people a day because they hate verizon. I even have verizons customer service number saved in my iPhone to make it easier for them to call and get their account numbers. I myself have never had verizon so I can't say anything about it. All I can say is what I hear from their customers. And it's not good. For AT&T having such a "piece of shit network" it sure works great where I live..... Midland Tx (3g area). Not a big city by any means. The one good thing I can say about verizon is that their porting dept is awesome. Very quick to let go of numbers, usually 5 minutes or less. :) :)
  • You do realize that Verizon hears the same things if not worse from customers about AT&T and Spring don't you? And those of us who sell prepaid cellular hear it about all carriers.... means nothing... If they are leaving then they have a reason and of course want to share that reason... but Verizon has the lowest churn rate in the industry... ** Disclosure: I have phones on both AT&T and Verizon **
  • Yep I realize that cause I've worked at sprint too and I would hear negatives about both AT&T and verizon... Mostly price issues though. It just bothers me when people who don't have a clue consistantly spread negative things that are not true. I just don't realize what I'm paying $80 a month for???? If I had to be "lucky" if my Internet worked, or for my calls to go through???? That is total bull! :). That's all.
  • It's getting pretty annoying how AT&T really wants to point out this difference between them and Verizon. Yet I dare a non-biased party to do a survey of AT&T customers and see how many people really talk and surf the web or watch video at the same time. I DARE someone to prove this. I myself cannot think of a situation where I would want to multi-task like this! Verizon's phones, especially the Droid can multi-task in plenty of other ways than having a voice call and browser window or You Tube running at the same time, which is what AT&T is bragging about. Who cares?! I don't, and I don't think AT&T's customers care, I think AT&T just wants to rub it in Verizon's face but no one really cares! I care about having reliable, fast 3G, and Verizon gives me that. I doubted AT&T would, so that's why I picked Verizon over them when I left Sprint in November.
  • Ummm if your boss were on the phone wanting to know if you got his email, you wouldn't need drop-n-surf. You can open the email app while talking. If the email had arrived, the data would've already been sebt. Just put it on speaker and read it...out loud if you want. See, Android can do these multi-tasking things on CDMA without dropping your call...even on 2g. Next...
  • Actually, with Gmail on Android, when you open up the Gmail App, it needs to download from the net. It doesn't always just keep it open unless you already openned it and have it sitting there. But, like mentioned above, this ability isn't limited to AT&T. T-Mo users can do it. I've been using it for a long time. It DOES come in handy when you need directions or when someone asks you a question, or when you're on the phone with someone and take a picture and want to send it to them. That being said, it gets REALLY annoying when you step outside of the 3G area. If you're in 3G and drop down to Edge, you can't use the internet while talking and it won't come back up, even if you go back into a 3G area. So, it's really hit or miss. Sometimes, I'll look down at my phone and see I have 3G. Other times, I'll look down and see I have no internet.
  • The GPS example is a valid one but not common. It would be nice to be able to get MMS (which require a data connection to receive, unlike standard SMS) but it is hardly necessary. If you want to know if you have gotten an email use Google Push or get a BlackBerry and it will already be on your phone. The conference call example would most likely happen when you are in range of one is saying that this is not a nice feature, but it's hardly as imoirtant as AT&T says it is ... *facepalm*
  • Talking and surfing the web at the same time is actually important to me, only because my only source of internet is my phone so I always have to tether. So being able to talk on the phone and go on Facebook or make downloads is important, that's why I love T-Mobile.
  • Data and voice is a big deal to me. As a business user, there are times when i need to retrieve an attachment while on a call among other things. You just aren't always near a computer. This is a form of multi tasking that should be a given and one of the reasons I ported out from Verizon.
  • One of the main reasons I stay with AT&T.. is the roll over min... I paid for them.... it is my choice if zi want to use all of them or not... and god forbid go over with other carriers... then they want you to "UP" your plan... I have been on the same 39.99 plan for years... never worry about overages... when Verizon offers that.. I will switch.. I dont want to pay 69.99 for unlimitied...