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ASUS Transformer Android 3.2 update now available

Remember when we mentioned the ASUS Transformer Android 3.2 update would be made available this week? Of course you do, and the good news is -- it's now rolling out to users across the aboard. You can go ahead and check for updates right now and grab it. That is, if you're unrooted and stock. If you're not, you may need to roll back in order to get the update or just wait until a rooted version comes along. Either way, we'd love to hear how it's working for you when it completes, make sure you stop by the Android Central forums and post up what you see as changes.

  • The only thing I've noticed so far is that it lets you know when an app was designed for a smaller screen in the notification bar. Other than that I haven't had much time to see changes. Where's an official 3.2 change log?
  • Here's the changelog (from xda forum) Updated to Honeycomb 3.2
    Build number:
    Kernel changed.
    Wifi updated: v5.2.52
    Bluetooth updated: v6.19
    GPS updated: v1.5.0
    Improved hardware acceleration.
    Bug fixes.
    Update to Movie Studio
    Update to Google Movies
    Update to widget system
    Update to Google Music.
    Exchange support.
    'Zoom to fill' feature.
    Pinch to zoom and two finger scrolling with trackpad added.
    Trackpad operation inverted.
    Proper SD card support (which will allow media to sync, etc).
    HDMI output resolution quality scales better for greater compatibility with 720p tv's.
    Mouse cursor changed (now a circle instead of pointer).
    Pressreader updated.
    Splashtop updated (not HD version).
    No longer white squares in default browser when redrawing page.
    Smoother home page rotation.
    Smoother 720p flash.
    UI speed improvement/tweaks.
    Weather widget displays last update time. I'm not really digging the circular mouse cursor (I preferred the original arrow). And the inverted trackpad scrolling is throwing me off a bit, but I guess it'll take some time to get used to. I just wished they added an option in the system settings for "mouse arrow style" and "trackpad scrolling direction". Typing in the stock browser with the keyboard still lags for me. But the overall performance does feel smoother and snappier.
  • I hope that the 3.2 fixes the browser crashing and hang ups that i get on my g-tab. I can't wait to read any improvements that come along.
  • I got my EeePad on Monday at Toy r Us (where they still have plenty) and now I have updated to 3.2 and it works like a charm. I can't belive how smooth this thing is.
  • It is smoother!
  • changes the cursor from a black arrow to a blue circle when using the dock. Don't know how I feel about that.
  • I agree... Very unusual.
  • Also I am having a much tougher time getting the two fingered scrolling to work from the touchpad
  • Works fine for me. It's actually the opposite of what it used to be (probably how it should have been all along). To scroll down now swipe 2 fingers up. You can also now do pinch to zoom on the trackpad.
  • I'm kinda getting used to it. I guess they did it to allow for the multitouch gesture animations. If you plug in a mouse to the usb port it will switch back to the original arrow pointer.
  • Don't see many changes with this release, seems most changes are related to dock if there are any.
  • Got the update! Still trying to figure out what`s new. Anyone with change log?
  • now when I click on the android central widget the screen goes dark. in the past, a window would pop up and ask what browser to use. so far I have not found any benefit to the update . and I hate the circular cursor
  • So I just got my transformer today and would like to update it. When I go to firmware updates, the "check for updates" button is grayed out and it says that there are updates available and to check notifications. But I don't see any notifications about an upgrade? Can someone give me a hand? Thanks. Joe
  • Did you get your update yet? If not, you can get it from the Transformer web site.
  • My Transformer now displays battery use by the Screen, Wi-Fi , Browser and Android OS - previous to 3.2 update no information came up when checking battery use in Settings.