ASUS -- next generation Transformer will be announced Nov 9, ICS on existing hardware this year

Johnny Shih, chairman at ASUS, had a few things to say of interest to Android fans about the popular ASUS Transformer tablets at the AsiaD conference in Hong Kong this morning.  When asked about the next generation Transformer (check out the teaser video here), Shih said to expect the formal announcement on November 9, and tonight was a sneak peek of what he dubbed the "Transformer Prime".  He went on to mention the quad-core NVIDIA chipset, a 10-inch display, USB and mini-HDMI ports, SD card slot, and the Transformer Prime's 8.3mm thickness.  He also let the cat out of the bag for the original Transformer and any Ice Cream Sandwich plans, when asked if ASUS would have it by the end of the year he replied "Maybe earlier than that".  Finally, he talked about the Padfone -- a combination tablet and phone that should come around early next year after carrier testing.  That's all great news, let's hope it works out that way.  In the meantime, we're all waiting patiently for a couple weeks until the Transformer 2, err Prime, gets official.

Source: All Things D

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Held off on the tablet purchase for this very reason, bring on the quad-core transformer!
  • +1.
  • I needed a Tegra 2 for development, but told my friend to hold off for this the other month.
  • Transformer Prime? Now they're just using these names to mess with us.
  • Who knows, maybe they might make or bring up a Peterbilt truck called Optimus Prime. LOLz
  • LG has a chance to make it happen. ;),2817,2372296,00.asp
  • sweet, ics coming to transformer! Just picked mine up a few hours ago
  • I hope ICS smooths out the performance of the original Tranny cuz compared to my GS2E4GT, it's laggy and choppy. I got mine out after having the GS2 and it feels so sluggish.
  • Everyone says a pad-phone is silly. I disagree. I would love to have everything on one device and just dock into a bigger screen when convenient. With ICS that screen size switch might be seamless.
  • I agree with you. The only problem is that only ASUS are making this with its own proprietary dock. This product is a sure fail because of that. Why not have google embrace it and make the software compatible for all high end phones? The same thing as for motorola atrix with its docking station. Alot of features in ICS are mostly integrated from other phone vendors, IE the panorama pictures ability came from this one HTC phone, the use of resizable widgets came from cyanogenmod, and etc...
  • Pug that is a good point, and why I think iPhones/iPads have soo many accessories....a single plug configuration. As much as I like the mini or micro usb connector...I think a standard connector for all phones/pads would really revolutionize the market for android devices. My issue with Android is that you have many options (that is a good thing) in terms of form factor....connectors on the bottom, on the right, on the left, half way up the side, or at the bottom...and the if it has HDMI out it get's even crazier. Here is where apple struck gold. A single 30 pin connector that can handle any media type. If Android would standardize this and create it's own version of apples 30 pin connector, people would not be so afraid of buying tablets or phones, because you know that the $150 you just dropped on a keyboard docking station, will actually work with the next tab you get. Look at Droid's line of accessories....they all rock, but if you switch to say a Samsung device all that $$$ you put into your Moto configuration would be wasted. This may actually deter you from switching. Clearly the argument can be made that is the reason we have so many that everyone can get a piece of the action....But the counter argument of that is that standardizing the plug would take the industry to the next level in terms of market share. Everyone like gadget and latest tech, but not everyone is willing to buy accessories for each device. inspired! LOL
  • I agree with you. It would be great to interchange devices with a common dock or accessory instead of having to go out and buy a whole new one to fit ur phone. However, I'm not a fan of the 30 pin connector. Maybe if all Android devices had a mini or micro usb connector on the same side of the device. Make it standard. But this will never happen 'cuz every company wants to make thier own money.
  • The problem with thee 30 pin connector is that only apple carries it, and and not because you get a 30 pin connector other hardware designed for a different tablet and OS will work on Android. They have to designed the hardware to be compatible with the device.
  • Glad to hear this. Got a TF last week for my birthday. Loving it so far!
  • Seriously thinking about picking one up, but waiting for a good deal. This news may cause prices to stay where they're at... Good news, bad news, I guess.
  • I got mine from Newegg , included the keyboard dock. Great deal.
  • Asus coming out with some great stuff. This is also why I've been holding of buying a tablet.
  • Can't wait!
  • I wonder if this will have over a gigabyte of ram.
  • o my between this and the Kindle fire depends on how much is it going to cost?
  • I don't see how the Kindle Fire and this are even in the same league.
  • well both are android tablets, you get unlimited access to cloud so space isn't an issue, this is quadcore of course, im wondering on price, because kindle fire is 199.99 and I'm not sure how much is this going to be, just making sure if this will be a better option, than the kindle since it has been talked about for a while, and there is quite a bit of hype for the kindle. This of course has better specs and more utility, the kindle has the Ecosystem which is fine, now is all up to pricing, as long as they dont price it like 599 ill be ok with it.
  • again, not in the same league, you can't compare them.
  • You get access to the Amazon ecosystem even without the Kindle Fire, AFAIK... So you can be limited to ONE ecosystem, or choose more freedom and more advanced software (ICS) :)
  • yeah I am leaning towards the ICS which of course I want after watching the Samsung Event I was planning to get some of the Ice Cream I been craving, now what I want to know the price point of this Tablet so I can pre-order it, I guess I have to wait until November 9 to know price point.
  • An earlier announcement placed this at $499 for the 16gb model. Not positive how official it is, but they seem pretty confident in their claim:
  • Asus, make this ~$400 and you have my money, I'll pre-order it right now. Transformer is the best tablet right now and I'm glad I waited for this.
  • I read somewhere a few weeks ago that it was going to be $500 but I'm hoping for $400.
  • Now this is some exciting news! I'll be selling my "old" xoom when this beast is released!
  • This is the device I have been holding out for. Roll on release day.
  • Looks way sicker than 1st gen. I was thinking of buying one but now will hold off for sure after see this. Can't wait. :D
  • Swweet ,but i want a glasses-free 3D tablet ;-)
  • I have the first generation, and was just wondering if ICS was coming. Love ASUS...well its ok. I use my Samsung sg2 more for surfing than anything. Quad core means nothing till i see a app that can edit videos frame by frame. I don't game alot and the processor does not even peak at the highest performance level with any app. I do like that it's a little smaller!
  • you want to do frame by frame video editing? Get a Mac Pro. Only in your dreams at the moment will tablets be able to work the kind of video editing magic high end Macs or PCs can with Final Cut or Avid.
  • I hope this applies to the Asus slider as well. This thing is clearly not getting the respect it deserves.
  • Tried a slider out at hhgregg and it was pretty slick. If I didn't buy a gt 10.1 I would have bought a slider.
  • Wonder what samsung has up it's sleeve for the next g-tab?
  • The photo at the top of this article looks like the Transformer 2 is in the new keyboard dock. If that is the case, then they are both super thin. Combined they're about the thickness of the original Transformer.
  • Now I have a mental image of Optimus Prime sitting on the Golden Gate Bridge eating a metal Ice Cream Sammich.... :D
  • I never had a tablet but if I were to buy one it would be this. Though with a codename like Transformer Prime they might as well throw an Autobot symbol on the back. I'm jus sayin... Lol
  • This may be the one, i have been looking at tabs and like many but only a few impress the samsung and asus for there bright screens, the asus and toshiba for the ports. I'm glad I have waited for the tech to mature until the one that meets my needs arives. It must have a bright screen, great loud sound so other can hear the music, many ports long life battery comfortable hold(not to bulky), lots of storage, Full flash support, gorilla glass. I think that covers it except not over priced $$ So I hope this meets my needs?
  • This is why I love Android. Manufacturers are constantly pushing each other to improve on their hardware. Right now, the Galaxy Tab is probably the tablet I'd get if you put a gun to my head, but the Transformer Prime will step it up to a whole new level. And then another manufacturer (Googlerola?!) will step up to the plate and make one even better I won't be in the tablet market until next fall when my university goes all e-book, so by then these things are going to be sick.
  • +1 Googlerola. That made me chuckle :)