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ASUS EeePad Transfomer ships with pre-production software, nerds swoon

When is the ASUS EeePad Transformer, one of the hottest Honeycomb tablets available, not actually one of the hottest Honeycomb tablets available? (Read our full review) When it's shipped still running some pre-release firmware identified as Android 2.2. Craziness!

That's what happened to moago, who was lucky enough snag one at launch this week, only to find it not running Honeycomb. That sort of thing, of course, attracts hackers and nerds (and us hacker/nerd/journalist types) like Donald Trump to a camera, and hijinx ensue.

So congrats to moago for getting that little treasure, and good luck getting it updated. For the rest of you, once you're actually able to get the Transformer, you'll just have to be content with having the newest version of Android. Life's tough like that.

Source: My Transformer came with Android 2.2; Photobucket (opens in new tab). Thanks, graffixnyc!

  • Wait, so how is running 2.2, not Honeycomb, a treasure? That's flipping ridiculous.
  • Think of it like getting the "rare" misprint comic cover or Garbage Pail Kids card, where it being a mistake actually makes it cooler than the intended print.
  • because look at the UI. its all of asus's custom UI on 2.2. this stuff could be ported to other tablets maybe not running honeycomb. it may lead into some other goodies as far as unlocking the bootloader.
  • I thought that the bootloader was unlocked, but the latest nvflash isn't out there to actually flash it.
  • Yup, I was one of the few guys raggin' this guy last night, before he show us the pics. Amazing, and definitely a keeper if that was me. I mean, keep it to make money off of it. LOL.
  • could be useful to help other tablets upgrade to Honeycomb, I likie!
  • froyo probably won't help anyone upgrade to honeycomb :p
  • Boo. That sucks
  • wake me up when they have the 32gb in stock...
  • Does anyone know where this is available? Everywhere I have looked is sold out and I dont want to pay outrageous markup on eBay. Is demand really that high or did they release a really small amount at launch?
  • You'll know in time, my guess is they'll have to fill all the UK orders first before the US. They'd be foolish to wait more than one month,
  • Ugh, the wait is going to be torture. The specs on this, the price, and the dock are just too good to pass up.
  • I just dont understand why manufactures keep doing this to us. Fusking us over, that is. Previously with the HPalm Pre, now with this. Sheit or get off the pot. Enough with these technical temptations and failed promises.