Actor Ashton Kutcher is helping to promote two of Motorola's newest smartphones, the Droid Turbo 2 and Moto X Pure Edition, in a new marketing campaign. It involves tricking people into participating in an "experience" to find out their relationship with their smartphones.

Kutcher was already signed up to be a spokesperson for Lenovo before it acquired Motorola Mobility, so it makes sense for him to expand his efforts to help promote its subsidiary. In the first video, Kutcher has a number of people hooked up to a lie detector while their smartphone is suspended over a block. He asks those folks a series of "would you rather" questions centering on what they would do in order to keep their smartphone from dropping.

Of course, the smartphones all do get dropped in front of their owner; at least, that's what they think until Kutcher brings them their real phone, and shows how they would not have to worry about drops if they owned the Droid Turbo 2 with its shatterproof display.

The second video tries to find out how long people will go without touching their smartphones, even if they receive texts. They don't last very long. Kutcher then shows how the Moto X Pure Edition will allow users to hear texts spoken to them so they can have a hands-free experience.

Source: Motorola (YouTube)