An ARM-powered Chromebook with a Surface-style kickstand seems set for a 2021 debut

Pixel Slate
Pixel Slate (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • A new Chromebook running a Snapdragon 7c is coming in 2021.
  • The Chromebook will be a detachable tablet with an 11-inch 3:2 display.
  • It's also set to be the first Chromebook with a kickstand.

The trend in consumer computing at the moment is the move away from Intel to ARM processors. While Intel previously had the monopoly on power, ARM processors bring with them benefits including support for mobile connectivity and better battery life. Apple has accelerated this shift with the new MacBooks, but Google and Microsoft were already slowly moving towards this on their respective platforms. Now, there are reports about a new Chrome OS tablet coming next year, and it'll bring a few things we haven't seen on the platform.

The report comes from the enthusiasts over at Chrome Unboxed who gleaned a few details from Chromium commits. Codenamed Coachz, this upcoming tablet is a detachable tablet that's powered by the Snapdragon 7c. It would likely have an 11-inch display with a QHD resolution at a 3:2 aspect ratio. You'll also find pen support on this enabled by USI, and it's rumored to be able to charge said pen wither wirelessly or via the USB C port.

If this launches, it'll be the first Surface-style Chromebook on the market. Sure, Google launched the Pixel Slate, and Lenovo has its Duet, but those devices lack the kickstand that set Microsoft's efforts apart from other tablets.

We've already seen powerful Chromebooks running on the Snapdragon 7c with Acer's Spin 513 (the bigger 713 shipped with a classic Intel processor), but a new Chrome OS convertible would inject some excitement into the Chromebook hardware field. It's not clear when this tablet would launch, or who's making it, but judging by the hardware, it'll likely be in the upper Chromebook price tiers.

Michael Allison