Arizona Sunshine dev announces Oculus VR partnership for Deep Silver games

After The Fall Oculus
After The Fall Oculus (Image credit: Vertigo Games)

What you need to know

  • Vertigo Games will launch multiplayer action FPS game After the Fall on December 9 on Oculus Quest 2, PSVR, and PC VR.
  • These devs will partner with Oculus (soon to be Meta) for five upcoming games in the years to come, though they won't be exclusive to Oculus platforms.
  • Some of these games will take place in "fan favorite game worlds from Deep Silver," which could include Saints Row, Metro, or Dead Island.

Today, Meta (formerly Facebook) announced some major initiatives focused on its Metaverse. It made the shocking decision to convert the Oculus Quest 2 into the Meta Quest 2, and promised to add 2D apps and work profiles to the Quest platform. But honestly, the most exciting news coming out of Connect 2021 had to do with new games coming to the platform.

Along with a GTA: San Andreas Quest 2 port and other major game launches like Blade & Sorcery: Nomad, we learned today that Vertigo Games has partnered with Oculus (or Meta) Studios on five upcoming VR games.

Vertigo Games is a highly successful and prolific studio, having launched several of the best Oculus Quest 2 games such as action zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine, family puzzler A Fisherman's Tale, and hands-only guitar sim Unplugged.

What makes this announcement especially exciting is that some of the upcoming Oculus-partnered games will include "fan favorite game worlds from Deep Silver." That brand has published franchises like Saints Row, Dead Island, Metro, Kingdom Come Deliverance, and upcoming space combat game Chorus.

Arizona Sunshine already has the zombie angle covered, but Vertigo Games could take its expertise and bring it to a more well-known brand (Dead Island). An FPS like Metro Exodus or a hack-and-slasher like Kingdom Come would translate very well into virtual reality. And while Saints Row seems too fast-paced and nausea-inducing for VR, anything is possible.

Vertigo Games Roadmap

Source: Vertigo Games (Image credit: Source: Vertigo Games)

Although Vertigo is partnering with Meta for these games, the company assured us that "The partnership with Oculus for these 5 games is non-exclusive. That means theoretically any one of these can come to any VR platform, although it is too early to share additional details on the titles or platform plans today." So you can safely buy the PSVR 2 and hope to see many of these upcoming games there — though it isn't confirmed.

We don't know when any of these hypothetical games will arrive yet. But Vertigo Games also announced today that After the Fall, a post-apocalyptic co-op shooter set in LA, will arrive on the Oculus Quest 2, PC VR, and PSVR on December 9. As a follow-up to Arizona Sunshine, one of the most popular games on the Quest, it's bound to grab a lot of attention from gamers.

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