Are you using your Pixel 3 with or without a case?

Pixel 3 XL in a Bellroy leather case
Pixel 3 XL in a Bellroy leather case (Image credit: Android Central)

Google's Pixel phones have been among the best Android handsets you can buy for the last couple years, but one area that they've typically fallen flat is with the design department. The first Pixel and Pixel XL looked straight up boring, and while the Pixel 2 series did have a much nicer aesthetic, the odd decision to paint over the aluminum body left it feeling plasticy and a little cheap.

With the Pixel 3 lineup, we have the best-looking Pixel phones to-date. The all-glass body not only looks and feels fantastic, but it's also more functional as it now allows for wireless charging.

We love how Google's latest phones look, but as with any good-looking phone, we must answer the question of whether or not it should be used with a case. Here's what the AC forum community had to say on this one.

No case here and, so far, no scratches. I have the white Pixel 3 XL.


Got a 900.00 Pixel 3 XL. Not running without a case. Bought a spigen neo hybrid off Amazon Got to have some kind of protection for me.


I always use a case for protection and increased ability to hold onto the phone.


I ran without a case for the first couple weeks, then picked up a case for a couple dollars on sale. I didn't intend to use it, but out it on and have not removed it. It added less bulk than expected, so gonna keep it on for a while.


What about you? Are you using the Pixel 3 with a case?

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Joe Maring

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  • Running with a clear case on my Pixel 3 because I find the smaller phone easier to hold while typing. It needed a little girth. The grippiness of the cases helps too.
  • Pixel 3 XL owner. Using Google case. Looking at Spigen Otterbox and other cases. I'm very careful about using a phone without a case. i stopped using screen protectors years ago. They just never seem to "wear" well.
  • I have the pixel 3 with the gray fabric case Google makes. I like it, not much protection if it's dropped but overall a good case.
  • Would prefer to use without a case - especially the feel of the Pixel 3 - but too paranoid. Would be nice if someone made a thin case that mimicked the look and feel of the actual phone.
  • Using pixel 2 xl. First with a clear case then I took it off. Then I dropped it and cracked it near the bottom speaker so I put the case back on. :)
  • Exactly as shown in the article. Bellroy leather case in caramel? I think is the name they gave the color. Next case will be one of the Google Live cases with some abstract art. This cases are awesome.
  • Pixel 3 XL - yes. Got about as slim a clear case as I could find, that still provides a degree of corner protection. I prefer a phone without a case, but, ironically, as I have migrated to larger phones, I feel I need a case, as the chance for droppage is greater!