Are you using a case with your Pixel 5?

Google Pixel 5 Fabric Case
Google Pixel 5 Fabric Case (Image credit: Android Central)

Getting a new phone is often an exciting time. You have new features to check out, home screens to set up, and get to relish in all of the spec improvements. A new phone also means having to make some usability decisions — with one of the most important being whether you're going to use a case or not.

The Pixel 5 is one of the most recent Android phones to hit the scene, and the question of using a case on it is particularly interesting. Rather than using a glass design like we see for so many flagships these days, the Pixel 5 features an aluminum body with a soft-touch finish. In other words, it's naturally more grippy and durable than other phones you may be used to.

Taking a look through the AC forums, here's what some early Pixel 5 adopters have to say:

I do have a glass screen protector on and use a case at work, but for everywhere else I'm comfortable going bareback. I prefer it actually. Just some about the way it feels in the hand. I'm thinking about just slapping on a dbrand skin and calling it a day. Anyone else feel the same way?


I always put a case on my phones - improves the grip and protection level


Got it in a case right now. But I'll probably rough ride it with a dbrand skin and spigen glass on the front and back camera. I mean, it's aluminum for goodness


I did that with my pixel 4 xl and used that setup for about 4 months without damaging it or dropping it at all. Right now I have a glass screen protector on my p5 and have a case, but since I've been home mostly with it I keep the case off. I used to do that with the pixel 4xl and keep the case off unless I went somewhere like around the pool/beach or somewhere that might be risky. I might do...


What about you? Are you using a case with your Pixel 5?

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