Are you switching from the Galaxy Note 9 to the Pixel 3 XL?

Pixel 3 XL in-hand
Pixel 3 XL in-hand (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

Google's Pixel 3 XL is the latest big Android flagship to hit the scene, but it's far from the only large phone that's been released this year. Perhaps one of its biggest competitors is the excellent Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

The Note 9's starting price is $100 more than that of the Pixel 3 XL's but comes with double the base storage. It also brings dual rear cameras, an Infinity Display with no notch, and the iconic S Pen.

We're impressed with what Google's done with the 3 XL, but is it enough to sway Note 9 users to jump ship? Here's what some of our AC forum members have to say.

LOL no. The most premium configuration of the Pixel 3 XL only has 128GB of storage and 4GB of RAM.

Mr Segundus

I decided to try it out. I love my note 9 but I get the poorest reception where I work. I figured i'd try out the pixel, see how it works and if nothing else only cost me a $35 restock fee to check.

Carrie Greicar

Nope. Had a Nexus 5 for a short while back in their day. Had a Pixel 2XL for a short while when it came out. Both were nice devices but not really for me. Not giving up the feature rich Note.


Honestly I wasnt even remotely interested. I love the Note line.


What about you? Will you be switching from the Note 9 to the Pixel 3 XL?

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Joe Maring

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • I'd be a downgrade
  • ^ That would be such a huge downgrade!
  • I might consider that if Pixel 3 XL would get rid that ugly notch, adding features similar to S Pen and Dex. But it would still be a tough call though even with those additions.
  • Ha ha ha... No... Why an earth would anybody do that?
  • Uh, no.
  • These two phones really appeal to different types of users. Not sure why anyone would buy one, then switch.
  • Totally agree. The only reason to switch would be if you were upset or disappointed in your Galaxy. These are veeeery different devices appealing to different masses. I don't like Galaxy personally, but I like Motorola, LG, and want to give pixel a try myself. Currently using LG G6 and happy!
  • Using an LG g6 myself but I'll be making the switch to the Pixel 3 XL mostly because I do want a new phone and also because I keep getting charging problems due to moisture detection
  • Google did an amazing job with the Pixel. But to step down from the Note would be a dumb thing
  • Noooooo... Pixel is the worst design of the year and all of the cool AI and great camera upgrades can't hide that for me.
  • Echo everyone else before me no chance, it's a hardware downgrade and that bathtub size notch on the XL is soo fugly. Infact looks aside and just comparing specs the Pixel is soo much poor value.
  • The Pixel honestly should be 4GB/128 GB baseline, and then 6 GB/256 storage. And if they made it look similar to the Samsung s9 or s8, or LG V40 it would have been a total win.
  • We need BENO to chime in when are you guys going to let him back!!! He was harmless and fun!
  • Lol
  • Never thought I'd say it but I really miss Beno too
  • Why did he leave on the first place? Did he get banned or something? Comment section isn't so fun without him.
  • It should have 6 GB baseline, at least. It's a 2018 flagship that they expect 800 dollhairs for... 4 GB is a joke.
  • Poor Beno must be like a volcano ready to erupt right now. The Pixel 3 release and he's not here to let out all that Google love
  • How much Ram does the iPhone have? I get the keeping up with the Jones argument, but also NERDS!!!
  • The iPhone is optimized for iOS. Sort of like the argument of iOS vs Windows.
  • PCs ship with 8-16 GB out of the box (stock config consumer market) - that includes Macs. Apple had yo upgrade base Airs to 8GB for a reason. But that's neither here not there. 1. Device manages memory different based on capacity. This is seen on both PCs and Phones. Things like caching change to accommodate different configs. It's why PCs with 16 GB barely use the paging file while those with 4GB will use it heavily (assuming productivity workloads). 2. The iPhone argument is dumb, because Apple designs around those specs. The OS manages memory and treats background processes in a way that facilitates efficient operation on low RAM capacities. This is not, from what I've experienced, the case with Android. OEMs like HTC and Samsung have, in the past, put more aggressive memory management into their phones to deal with lower RAM capacities (HTC One X, Galaxy S3, etc.) But users here just cried about it and called it buggy or broken. Apple does this, and their users simply accept it as "working as intended." Only Android users expect their phone to be specced and operate like a laptop PC/MacBook. Then, they cry for bigger batteries, because apparently MBP battery life on a phone isn't that great... ... - It may be that Google puts more work into their build to optimize for this scenario, but that's ignoring how much stuff Android allows to run in the background and occupy RAM - including many Google Apps and services. I don't think the iPhone is a suitable comparison. Windows 10 on small tablets (where it ran horribly on 1-2 GB of RAM) is more apt, given the design of Android and how it manages app processes and services. This is also why Apple can get good battery life on laughable battery sizes.
  • Lol, i'm not even considering switching to Pixel 3 from LG G7. Who would possibly consider it from Note 9?
  • The regular Pixel 3, to me, looks really good. But not at $799. Can get a OnePlus 6 discounted for $300 less.
  • Maybe the next pixel version will be more appealing but this p3 seams to be ap2+anotch
  • Lol
  • No, Google did NOT 'bring their A game', and if they did its even sadder.
  • Nope, the AI stuff is cool but the device is just a giant game of catch up!
  • Is this headline supposed to be a joke?
  • No. But remember AC actually thinks the Pixels are the best phones on the market Lol n
  • Google thinks the Pixel Brand had the same value as the iPhone 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. They built a tightly software-optimized device, with great AI features, but left the hardware lacking but put a premium price on it. Yeah, that's a hard pass for me.
  • To be fair The iPhone was lacking in standardized features that good phones have for many years, yet the iPhones are still considered the best of the best.
  • Come on Joe. Let's make the headline the way it should be. Are you DOWNGRADING from the Galaxy Note 9 to the Pixel 3 XL.
  • are you dumb enough to buy a 1200 dollar phone and trade it for another 1200 doll phone that is a month newer? all for probably a 4 or 5 hundred dollar loss? do you think that "tech reivewers" need to post videos of them blabbing about vinyl skins and oled screens in 4k?
  • That's $1,200 phone for a $999 phone actually.
  • Wow such hate in this comment thread. The phones appeal to different people. Personally I like the simplicity and fast updates of the pixel. Others like the features of the note. Could we accept this without calling each other idiots.
  • Who called anyone an idiot? There's a thing called OPINIONS. You like it most people currently posted says they hated, it's ugly, and a downgrade. No one is disrespecting anyone so don't put words in people mouth and making it more than what it is.
  • I don't think anybody has said that the pixel is a bad phone more that the value of changing to this phone at this point seems to be a non-starter
  • Why are you spreading fake news. No one called anyone an idiot. People are simple expressing their opinions. The Pixel 3 XL design is ugly. Will probably stay with my note8 a little longer.
  • It's a downgrade. Even from my S9+ it would be downgrading.
  • Well, the comments are pretty consistent! Yes, the Pixel is for a different kind of user, and if you have a Note now, then you are not likely to be a Pixel type of user.
    Hardware wise, the Pixel is a serious downgrade. Matter of fact, if you were to lay a Pixel 3 and a U11 on the table, I would still take the U11 for the features.
  • Finally someone said it 😂👍
  • Downgrade? No way.
  • They will be discounting the P3 by Thanksgiving...
  • Give up my Note 9 for a Pixel? Not in a million yrs.
  • As a Note 8 user, I originally selected based on flagship screen size. I find I don't use the following; the stylus, the removable SD, the headphone jack, 50% of the 64GB onboard storage. So while it would be odd for a Note user to switch, I'm giving it a trial because; it's the equivalent screen size to my current phone, the notch is subjectively of no concern to me, 4GB of RAM is plenty for vanilla Android 9 to operate on, the new OLED screen is enticing, I value camera 2nd to screen size, most all of my locally used content is cloud based or cloud stored. I'm the type to never nock a product I've not had hands on with. I tried the Pixel 2XL last year but could not live without wireless charging or Samsung Pay... Oh, I no longer use Samsung Pay. So the Pixel 3 XL ticks off all my requirements, going to try it out :-)
  • Maybe the OnePlus 6 or 6T might be an even better choice for you then. Everything you seem to want plus money in your pocket.
  • I need the Verizon carrier services to function, so it has to be a phone they sell. Cost isn't one of my sticking points either.
  • It IS a great device!
  • If you never used the S Pen and wanted lots of screen estate why didn't you buy the S9 Plus?
  • The Note8 launched some 6 months prior to the S9+... I did attempt to utilize the stylus, just find myself not using it.
  • Yeah I’m waiting for the s10 plus myself being I don’t use the notes stylus and prefer the rounded shape of the phone.
  • I would never buy a Samsung in the first place....My Pixel XL is doing fine, and after that one I'll buy the regular Pixel 3... Whenever I see the stock software from a Samsung phone, or any other phone without stock Android, I get a little bit sick....
  • LMAO. Uh.... NO.
  • Because you know you're spending way too much?
  • A $1,000 phone that shipped August 24. If somebody bought a brand new laptop less than 2 months ago would you ask them if they were going to replace it? Insane.
  • This exactly. People really don't know how to be satisfied with what they have.
  • With no headphone jack or expandable memory. No.
  • No I Will stay with my Samsung galaxy S8 since it works damn well. If it ain't broken don't change it. And beside that then I do not need a top notch phone... 🤣
  • A friend of mine just got a new Note 9. I'm frankly a bit envious. She chose the purpleish color and it looks great. It's the premier phone on planet earth. Nobody is going from that to a Pixel.
  • Bizarre question. Who would switch from the Note 9 after just having spent a thousand dollars on it only a month ago? Even if they wished they could switch, they probably wouldn't.
  • I wonder if Android Central's editor is looking at the comments section and realizing how ludicrous this article is. 99.99% of the comments show that clearly. I could go on and on about why I wouldn't go to a pixel from a note 9 but everybody has pretty much already covered that LOL.
  • Yeah but we all click on it to make these comments, and it's all about the clicks now.
  • I don't get why the notch is so bad. There's a notch but the rest of the top is open. Is that really worse than 3 notches taking up the entire top of the note?
  • Only the Note doesn't have a notch
  • Is a Great White shark gentle?! They are two entirely different types of phones . Unless the Pixel line totally rejects its DNA I'll never buy one.
  • Can't switch. I would never own a Samsung Galaxy Phone of any type.
  • I'll never buy another Samsuck phone again. All the bloatware makes it the laggiest phones I've ever used.
  • are you Beno?
  • You onto to something 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Nah, Beno at least put up some argument to his comments.
  • Profound BS... That was a 2007 argument.
  • The note or the s9+ are just a better choice. The pixals are very good phones but 64gb's base storage just isn't enough for its price. No micro s/d support & no headphone jack is not enough for me. Personally, this is not Google's A game. But to each his own!
  • No. Just, no.
  • Part of me would like to to get back to a great camera. Both of the Note9's in our household just don't take as nice of photos without perfect lighting. Hoping a gcam port will work some magic. Otherwise no, I'd have no interest as the rest of this hardware and experience is really well executed.
  • While the Pixel cameras are no doubt amazing, you must have a very high expectation if the Note 9 camera isn't good enough for you. It's right up there in the top 3 available today.
  • Yeah, I'd downgrade RAM and phone storage... The bigger question is who who switch phones in the same year! C'mon, and you would also switch laptops in the same year? I pity those who are manic about dropping $1000 on phones every six months.... Lol, I doubt they own a home..... Let's do some math.... $10000 to $$15000 every ten years on phone upgrades? People really do that? OK, maybe a few who pay attention to this forum... Phone rich and pay cheque to pay cheque living... You can't sleep in your phone and it won't drive you anywhere, last I checked.
  • PS. But would I like to see Samsung abandon rounded edges in the Note phones? Absolutely!
  • I'd rather they give up the curved screen.
  • I guess some people buy $1,000 phones and when they move to the next, just dump them in a drawer or something, but as for me, I don't do that. I either sell them and recoup a large portion of the initial cost or hand them down to family (who I'd be buying phones outright otherwise). So no, it's not a complete dump of cash to go from one phone to the next.
  • Oh, sorry... You like paying $5k-$7k a decade on phone upgrades... There was a time when significant mobile tech moves occured annually... Thst hasn't been the case since the move to 18:5:9 displays.
  • iPhone I call it the good at nothing phone.
    Cameras isn't going to be better even p 2 cameras is slightly better then ip xs
    -battery life isnt good Tom's guide the gold standard for better test treated the ip xs very poorly.
    - no vr come on its almost 2019 u still don't have vr
    -siri is many light years behind.
    -call screening ai isn't there
    - can't call a restaurant for u
    -- display isn't as good as p 3
    - ip is all about hype when I come me p2xl with ip xs it doesn't look new good.
    - the iPhone fans think their phone is so good but when I let them try my phone they feel so bad. Then keep their mouths shut
  • Ummm, what does that have to do with a Samsung vs Pixel discussion?
  • Cool story.
  • Are you ok??
  • Nah, bro. While the camera on the Pixel 3 series is promising, I'm sticking with the Galaxy Note 9.
  • As a user of both 2XL and Note 9, both of which I think are excellent devices, here is my view.
    Note 9 plusses over 3XL.
    > Design (subjective, but in this case, Notes much tighter screen radius and uniform notchless design wins)
    > Price (128Gb Note 9 is a lot cheaper in the UK than the 3XL, and that's before the usual Samsung discounts)
    > S-Pen
    > SD-Card support
    > Headphone jack 3XL plusses over the Note
    > Clean software experience and rapid updates
    > Probably the best camera on a mobile device (the Note is good, but I expect the 3XL to be amazing.) If the notch was implemented better (like LG or, in fact, pretty much anyone else) and the price differential was not so huge then it would be an interesting question but as things stand the Note 9, at least in the UK, offers so much more for much less money it is not really a fair fight. In fact the S9+ is probably a more direct competitor and that is £200 cheaper than the 3XL!
  • After spending all that money on the 512gb Note 9 sorry there is no way. However the Pixel XL 3 looks really nice.
  • I wouldn't even go from my Note 8 to a Pixel, let alone the Note 9.
  • Just check them both out at Best buy. I decided on the small at first after all the hub bub over the notch BUT after checking it out in person I ordered the xl. I didn't really notice the notch as I was engulfed in the beautiful display.